Jesus, the Other Sun

Guiding me along the lighted path…

Walking Along Life’s Difficult Stretches
(Coping with Unexpected and Expected Obstacles)


Amy L.  Bovaird

When You call me into Your arms after disappointment, I run to You.

When you text me a message from Your word, Your truth realigns my view.

When You sit-by-side with me and laugh, I feel like I’m Your special treasure.

Every day You teach me to trust in You, showing patience without measure.

These little things make my “environment” more reliable and trustworthy

As I walk along life’s difficult and untenable stretches.

I stumble over obstacles each day, even though most aren’t unexpected or unknown.

Intellectually, I know there’s that strange bend, the inconvenient bump or oversized stone.

“Silly, girl,” I scold myself after a fall in which I skin my knee or bruise a shin.

It’d help to memorize the spot where I trip up so I wouldn’t end up injured and in a tailspin.

But while the terrain is familiar to me, the light shining on it changes at every turn,

Sometimes it’s soft and muted – my way a blur. Other times I have eye strain and trip over the bern.

That’s not even counting the times I dash here or there, I recall too late I’ve left the house unprepared,

When I’m in a rush, the crush of the crowd without  my cane leaves me exposed and scared.

I wonder if the whispers I mutter and the words I shout out sound like nonsense to those passing by me–

as I grapple for direction relying only on the falsehood of what I think that I see.

Somehow I conquer that long awkward stretch, though definitely worse for my wear;

I make a vow to put my training to use along with the whole armor of God to protect my welfare.

As I venture out, I slide my cane into place and ask for God’s mercy and grace

To handle what comes—the physical, the mental, the challenges and feeling out of place.

My cane lets me “see” the stairs, the scattered chairs and even the cement car stops

As I propel myself forward in busy convenience store parking lots.

I find steel poles and, yes, the occasional holes. But just like I steer myself here on the ground,

God’s Word steers me away from dwelling on the petty troubles in life that repeatedly abound.

But oh how I love to sweep across that paved pathway where everything is laid out so very neat,

Even when the sun isn’t shining, I feel upbeat and think I move like an athlete!

On those lovely days, I feel brave and hold my world, literally, at my fingertips;

Whether my challenge is spiritual or physical, You remind me to place Your name on my lips.

All glory to The One who challenges me not only to explore linearly with my cane,

but also urges me upward to explore my circumstances with Your Master Mobility Specialist’s cane.

You  refocus me at every turn and promise me that my paths will be straight no matter how variable the lighting is, which obstacles lie in my path, or, for that matter, how distorted the shadows seem.

You  will always focus me in the direction of Your perspective if I allow You to guide me.

Walking Along Life’s Difficult Stretches
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