Visually-Impaired – Eeek! I can see you!
Part 1: No Trespassing! 

Part 1
This set of stories is not for the squeamish or faint of heart. That’s why I wonder why I’m in the midst of them since I’m both – and visually-impaired to boot. But. as I always say, life forces us to adapt. So never get too comfortable in any phase of vision loss. Be pro-active. Move forward. 

It all stated with the ants downstairs in my mother’s place. My brother accidentally left crumbs from the pop tarts  he ate on the cupboard.

Party Animals
It was an unseasonably warm few days and … the crumbs beckoned to HRH (Her Royal Highness, the Queen Ant). She wasn’t too big though, considering those she ruled were teeny munchkin ants. Delighted at the party spread, she must have messaged all her loyal subjects.: 

“You’re invited to a party. Immediately!  Come one, come all!” 

Mom vetoed the fiesta immediately.  They tried to ignore her. But was determined to have none of them and placed “No Trespassing” signs (the traps).

She wrung her hands as several defied her — and paid for it with their lives.

The ants must have got some attitude and said, “This ain’t no welcome party! Onward and UPward!”

Pushing the Limit! 
My place wasn’t much better. I put my own “No Trespassing” sign up. We tussled over rules of the house and I finally won the Battle of Little Blue Counter.”

A couple of stubborn ants–diehard party fans–wandered onto the floor. One found a big white swimming pool and climbed over the edge.He was floating lazily on its back, “Come on, luvs,” he called out in a British accent,”Join me for a swim.”  \

“Ohhh, what an accent!” cooed one ant. “I’m on my way,” she responded, scuttling to its side. Unfortunately, in her haste, she did a belly flop.

As others raced over, they found something even better … a dish of catfood! 

“Noooo!” I screamed. “Get outta there!” 

I rushed over and picked up the red dish they rolled and frolicked in. I kicked over a No Trespassing sign nearby and pointed. “Can’t you see? This is my property and you have no rights here!” 

At the sink, I knocked  the dish against the white enamel and ran water in the bowl. They scrambled out, one on top of the other.

“Party pooper!” one shouted back, just before sliding down the drain. 

I felt something jump onto my hand.

The ant bit my hand. “That’s for chasing my friend away, you bully.” 

“This is private property,” I said, plucking it off my hand and squeezing it between my forefinger and thumb. “Now scram,” I said to the rest and they, too, jointed a voyage without life preservers down the kitchen pipe.

“Adapt,” I told myself. “When you can’t see them, just wet a paper towel and round up as many as you can.” 

We had waged several battles over the past ten days but it seemed as if I had won the one that counted–Battle of the Big Food Dishes.


Have you ever had ants in your house? How did you get rid of them? Do they come at certain times of the year? Were they the same or larger ants? 

You have just read, “Visually-Impaired: Eeek! I Can See You! No Trespassing At Any Time” by Amy L. Bovaird. Copyright April 13, 2017. Don’t forget to leave a comment! 

Visually-Impaired – Eeeek! I Can See You!
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4 thoughts on “Visually-Impaired – Eeeek! I Can See You!

  • April 14, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    The remedy we have used to get rid of ants is to sprinkle cinnamon on them and on their path. For some reason, it distracts them. I buy a big jar of cinnamon at Costco.

  • April 14, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    Hi RJ,
    Thank you for taking time to respond! I will definitely try the cinnaomon next time!
    I tried to have an ending that will leave people wondering…

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  • May 15, 2017 at 2:19 am

    Thank you for sharing my post. I so appreciate it.

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