Visually-Impaired-Baking Mayhem

Drawers and Dogs and Desserts, Oh My!

Cane Confessions

I never tired of exploring new brownie recipes, my favorite dessert. This one, fail-proof and mess-free, was my kinda recipe for sure! Even halfway through mixing, it looked thick and gooey, and what a chocolate infused aroma filled the kitchen! 

I prepared the baking dish, placing a layer of foil in the pan and covering it with a coating of non-stick spray.  i imagined the thick fudge-like brownies that would emerge after it was done. I could hardly wait! 

When I ran the rubber spatula around the rim of the bowl, unbeknownst to me, it moved closer to the edge of the counter. 

In an instant, the bowl tipped. Spun off the edge. I lunged for it. Hoped I could prevent … the grand collision.

But I didn’t see the three open drawers kitty-corner. The silverware drawer smacked me just below my breastbone, taking my breath away. “Oof!”

My arm flew out and bumped the bowl. It hit the wall and spiraled down, the force causing the batter to ooze out. The container landed upside-down in the bottom drawer.

It seemed like I was in slow-mo when I shouted, “Holy Moly.”

After recovering from my shock, I surveyed the damage. The sticky mixture splattered on the nearby walls, clinging to utensils in each of the drawers. I saw a glob half the size of my fist on the tile floor, more of it covering the outside hinges of the cupboards and a long trail from the knob of the cupboard door almost to the bottom. There was even some wedged under the stove top burner.  

How could I have forgotten to close the drawers—again? The measuring spoons came from the top drawer, the foil and pot holders from the second and measuring cups from the bottom. Mom always said taking time to look around prevented accidents.

Well, Mom, I’m looking now, and all I can see is a lovely disaster. Mess-free recepe, my eye!  

I’d have to take everything out of the drawers, wipe them down and put it all back. After that, I’d need to clean off the counters and cupboard doors.

A lot of hard work, and no brownies to show for it.

I groaned and stumbled over to the breakfast bar to collect myself. Seating on a tall stool, I rested for a few minutes.

My eyes flew open when I felt nibbling on my foot. What?

It was Buddy, my dog. Always on the lookout for new developments, especially when it came to food, he had quietly made his way over to me and was licking my sock. “Buddy, stop that.” What was he doing?

Then I noticed footprints leading from the cupboard to the breakfast bar.

Uh-oh, I must have stepped in the big blob by the drawers and tracked it across the floor. Good going, Amy.

I peeled off both socks and tossed them onto the floor. Buddy promptly picked up the chocolate-soiled one and carried it a short distance away.

I checked the clock. 2100 hours. Time to begin “Operation Brownie Recovery.” 

After I finished, I saw a brown smudge on the wall under the breakfast bar.

Oh, I missed that.

When I bent over with the dishcloth, my forehead slammed against the wood. I’d been so intent on the spot I missed seeing the more obvious countertop. Whoa. I rubbed my head.

Ouch, that hurt!

The breakfast bar was in my blind spot—but the brownie smudge was in clear view.

The inconsistencies of RP.

What’s a girl like me to do? (I mean, a brownie lover!)

Next week,I’ll follow up this post of 5 tips  for better mobility and aids to enhance sight in the kitchen.  

We all have days that go well and other days when we are our own best enemy and create hazards in the kitchen, whether sighted or vision-impaired. 

What kinds of messes have you had to clean up in the kitchen? 

You have just read, “Baking Mayhem” by Amy L. Bovaird. Copyright March 29, 2017.  Don’t forget to leave a comment! 

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Visually-Impaired – Baking Mayhem
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