With one day until the book launch for Cane Confessions: The Lighter Side to Mobility, I’d like to share how it all came together.  This is the fun part, when the book is done and it’s time to gather everyone together and launch it out there in the world–letting it go! 

Early Plans
Early on, I decided I wanted my launch to accomplish more than the typical book launch. Of course, like any other author, I wanted to sell books but I also longed to bring people together for a bigger cause. At this point in my vision journey, I am on a quest to bring about  awareness, to change perceptions and the outlook for many who suffer vision loss. 

I want to connect.

I want others to connect

I want to show hope. 

I want to show the tools that helped me face vision loss. 

I want to present the organizations who can provide the tools. 

I want to laugh.

I want to live the best life I can, undaunted, knowing God is in control. 

The first step I do in any event is pray for God’s will. So I did that for the Launch. Then I told Him what I envisioned and asked Him to make that a reality, if it was part of His will for me. 

Next, I acted to make my dream launch  a reality. I wrote to the Sight Center to see if we could join forces.  When I didn’t hear back, a friend suggested we stop by and make an appointment with someone in charge of publicity. So we added that trip to our list of errands. That day, a woman came heard us explaining about my book launch to the receptionist and came down the stairs and said, “I heard you talking. I know who you are. I have your first book on my desk. Let’s talk.” 

Just like that, the door opened! 

The woman who came downstairs was the Media and Publicity Coordinator for the Sight Center.  As we brainstormed who should be invited and where it should be held, goosebumps came to my arm. God hovered in that room. I imagined a big smile on His face as the three of us became acquainted and shared my hopes for the launch.  We became the core planning team. I had the vision (funny since I had the least physical vision), Judie was detail-oriented and thorough. Shannon brought everything together with her know-how and contacts. 

Days of Planning
As we planned over the next few weeks, doors opened and closed. Finally, we nailed down the perfect venue – a new senior center in downtown Erie central to many guests. The launch would be held in the dining hall.  We also put together a list of speakers for the launch–excellent vision loss resources.

Forward-Thinking Laser Eye Surgeon

Dr Gary Brotherson
Dr Gary Brotherson

But something still seemed to be  missing. An eye specialist!  When I approached a laser surgeon who I’d recently gone to, I couldn’t speak to him directly. I felt discouraged–but Judie said those magic words again, “Let’s stop by.” We did, and at first, we met with the same noncommittal response, “I passed along your message to the doctor.” We were dismissed. But Judie said, “We want the doctor to provide hope for others like Amy who…” and as she said that, a technician came into the area and listened thoughtfully as Judie finished explaining our request. She said, “Let me speak to him.” I could feel God intervening through this woman.  

Just like that–another door opened. 

The next morning, I received a phone call with the news the surgeon would speak at my launch. 

After the phone call, I danced around my room. Then punched in Judie’s cell phone number.”He’s going to speak. He. Is. Going. To. Speak.”

God is so good!

Band in Place
Months earlier, I had spoken to a young woman from Pennwriters, my critique group, and asked her if she would consider singing at my launch. She said she would talk it over with her band. So I re-connected with her and she said they would be honored to sing! In fact, she said she thought they could write a song, specifically for my launch about my vision loss journey. 

Just like that, the door flew the rest of the way open. 


My launch was falling into place. 

When we met with Marie, the event coordinator at LECOM, the senior center, she said it would be one of her easier events. We walked around the dining hall, Maria pointing out where the band would go, where the cake table would sit and on and on. I looked up and could feel God’s presence as he worked out the details through Maria. She said, “Don’t worry about a thing. Let me do my magic.” 

Just like that another door opened. 

God’s Plans
God is so far ahead of me. He has prepared me in every way for this exciting launch. “For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the LORD. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.” (Net Bible).  

My life is moving ever more towards blindness but moments like these are to be celebrated–rejoiced over–God is the hope-giver. And not just toward me. It’s so hard when one feels alone. My launch will make it possible for others to connect and feel hope, too. If nothing else, a social event where those with vision loss feel at home.  

All Glory to God. 

This is our finalized program for the launch: 

Book Signing Event with Local Author, Amy Bovaird 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Linda Hackshaw, Executive Director
The Sight Center of NW PA

Book Dedication:
In Honor of Aldine Hecker
Amy Bovaird, author 

The Inspiration behind Cane Confessions
Amy Bovaird, author

Pennwriters Area 1
Eugene Ware, Pennwriters Member
Board Member, The Sight Center

Leader Dogs
Therese Wheaton

Lions Club 14-F
First Vice-District Governor, Janet Mitchell

Bureau of Blindness & Visual Services
Dawn Sokol, District Administrator

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Gary Brotherson, Niagara Eye Associates

Main Speaker (Reading an Excerpt from her Book)
Amy Bovaird 

Pastor Gale Thornton

Music Provided by:
FLAME: Patrick Sloan, Suzannah Beil, and Meg Myers

Book Signing & Book Purchase
with Amy Bovaird

Refreshments/Gift Basket Raffle
Thank you for attending!


Cane Confessions
Now, presenting the book of the hour: Cane Confessions: The Lighter Side to Mobility and its links: 


Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Paperback (standard print)
Paperback (large print)
Universal link:

Have you ever had to put an event together? For work? For your own business? For your wedding? What was the most difficult part? What was the most rewarding?

You have just read “Time to Celebrate My Book Launch” by Amy L. Bovaird. Copyright November 14, 2016.  Please take a few minutes to leave a comment! 

Time to Celebrate My Book Launch!
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