Five books of faith - Check them out!
Five books of faith – Check them out!

We were five local authors scheduled to have a book signing under the direction of a Christian financial organization.

At the start, Holly, the  marketing specialist,  wasn’t convinced it would fly. But the more I talked with her, the more she liked the idea. She promised to take it to her supervisor.  Then she contacted all five authors. Each one was interested. That was it for her; she committed to making it happen!

Holly had put together a brochure. We gave her feedback and started working together to ease the burden on her yet produce the highest quality promotional material. Finally, she sent the brochure to her supervisor’s superiors. It seemed like a sure thing. I certainly thought it was in the bag and started to network and invite others to the event.

She emailed us one day, sounding a little uncertain but still hopeful that she could pull the event off.

Everything was planned.  Each author would take one room. Punch and cookies would be served in a central conference room (which resembled a ballroom) of the old mansion.

We just waited for the final permission.

It never came. The book signing was canceled.

No one was more disappointed than Holly.

We had jelled together as a group; she said it would be a shame for us not to do something. So she and her employers planned a meal to honor the authors among them. Who came up with the idea was never clear but we all accepted the invitation. I loved that about us. We just went with the flow–the financial organization and the authors.

Holly urged, “Bring a few guests with you. Family, friends, whoever you want.”

I chose my brother and a couple who’d planned to attend the book signing. I wanted to honor the time they’d set aside, and it was a perfect opportunity to show my gratitude.

I was excited about meeting some local Christian authors. I didn’t know many.

Local author

“Bring a few books,” Holly instructed. “You never know if anyone will be interested.”

I brought four and my Large Print proof. I’m not sure what I planned to do with that one, just show it off, maybe. It would be out soon.

Suddenly, it was time to leave.

I was grumpy because we were getting all the red lights. “I’m not sure but I don’t think it’s good to be late as a guest of honor,” I informed my brother.  It wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own. I always left getting ready until the last minute and then I took too long.

My brother and I rode in silence, thanks to my bad humor.

When I opened the car door in the parking lot, I was relieved to see some bright lights shining out of the glass doors of the festive office (the mansion). I could make it up the stairs. My white cane would find the steps. My mood brightened,

We were the last to arrive.

The authors quickly introduced themselves and their special guests. I was chosen to start. Then it was time to eat. Dinner  was catered by Sabellas,  an upscale catering company in Erie, PA.  The food–turkey slices, potatoes, and stuffed chicken, to name a few of the dishes,  certainly tasted delicious!  

The room was beautifully decorated for Christmas. It looked homey and inviting and warm all at the same time.

Dinner was a quiet affair. I concentrated on my food so as to avoid knocking over my glass or dropping any food on the floor.  I noticed my brother ate in silence. I wished I were close enough to get him talking. I enjoyed getting to know my guests, however.

But afterwards, oh what a change! The authors began to mingle with guests and each other. There were three pastors who wrote books, another whose job I wasn’t sure of and me.  All of a sudden, it seemed like a writer’s conference! I felt flush with excitement and excited to be part of this wonderful group!

As we shared what motivated us to write and what our books were about, I felt a stirring in me.

I suddenly realized it didn’t matter that we couldn’t have the book signing.

It seemed more like God had used Holly to get us together. I think she felt this too because later, she gave us a slip of paper, which included all our phone numbers. She urged us to network and plan something on our own.

His purpose may not have been to have a book signing at all. Maybe He had another purpose in mind for the five of us that we don’t even know about yet. Maybe God wants us to reach out to someone else who might not have come to the original signing. Who knows?  Our job is  to obey.

As we swapped books, the titles jumped out at me.  Steve Sorensen explained how he uses the topics in his book Growing Up with Guns  as a ministry combining hunting and game dinners at various churches. Another, Forty Day Devotional Challenge Plus 1  by Pastor Blair Blakeslee, is geared toward teenagers and adults in different groups. The third, I Died But Didn’t Go To Heaven: A Look at Life After Dying by Ron Whited, sounded fascinating. The cover photo containing a body of water and swimming goggles, intrigued me.  Cost of the Call by Pastor Ray Sines promised to build me up and challenge me. Of course, my book, Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith rounded out the evening’s findings.

In the end, we did have our book signing.  I held four  signed copies in my hand. What riches!

I noticed everyone was deep in conversation. My brother looked so much more comfortable. In fact, he was getting a piece of pie for my mother.  My guests had had a great time. The hosts appeared relaxed and smiled often. It seemed everyone was having a great evening.

One lady came up to me and said, “I have to tell you that it’s been a real pleasure to meet you. You sparkle! Your optimism is rem

It ended up being that kind of a night!

God, thank you that Holly followed through with your plan. Thank you for refreshing us with new connections. Lord, You’ve linked us all together in a package with You as the swirly ribbon that binds us.

Help us as authors to listen Your voice so that we can obey Your next call to us.

Which book looks the most interesting to you?

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The Non-traditional Book Signing
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8 thoughts on “The Non-traditional Book Signing

  • December 5, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    Hi Amy,

    It sounds like you had a wonderful evening of fellowship. The book, “I Died But Didn’t Go to Heaven,” by Ron Whited, stirred my curiosity. And I bet your brother was happy you got over your grumpy spell. LOL

  • December 5, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    Sounds cool, Amy. I’m glad it worked out for you. By the way, what was the name of the mansion? I toured the Watson/Curtize Mansion in the summer. That’s what I’m picturing.

  • December 5, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    Ha ha! I thought about not putting my grumpiness in but ya gotta tell it like it is.
    The dinner was wonderful! You’re right on the ball in reading today!
    Thanks, Matt! I’ll have to write another one for you to read when my email goes out later today!

  • December 5, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    Hi Beckie,
    I’ll have to find out for you. I’m sure it was in the same area. I think at the turn of the century that area was called Millionaire Row or something and all the mansions were there. I’ll check into the history for you.
    If there’s ever another dinner like that and I know far enough in advance, I’d love to invite you and Bill as my guests!
    Take care!
    Amy xx

  • December 5, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    Hi Sophie,
    Thanks! I need to catch up on your chapter installments. I missed Chapter 2 so have to go back and find that link, then will go on to chapter 3.
    Take care!

  • December 5, 2014 at 11:37 pm

    Many times, things happen for a reason. Sometimes we don’t realize the importance of what happens until later. May this lead to good things for you.

  • December 5, 2014 at 11:47 pm

    Thank you, Alana! You are so right! =)

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