My cat is going blind. 

Yeah, what are the chances of me a woman going blind having a cat going blind? Not too many, right?

I discovered a long time ago that there are no coincidences in God’s world. Everything happens for a reason. But I forgot about that point for awhile. 

The problem was that  her eye was tearing up and mottling. It looked discolored.  At first, I was leaving to go to Florida and decided to let it heal on its own. Maybe she just had allergies. Only thing…it didn’t heal.

A chance remark made by one of my brothers caused a panic inside me. All he said was, “I hope she won’t go blind.”  

Going blind? Not on my watch!

I got a doctor’s appointment immediately, dragged the poor cat, previously a barn cat,  in a cardboard cat carrier, allowed him to poke and prod her bad eye and give me a talking to for waiting those couple of weeks. I spent over a hundred dollars, which included buying eye drops for her. Three weeks later, I took her back.  The area around her eye was still inflamed. You could see tiny blood vessels in the white around her eye.  It looked like she was very tired. I spent another hundred dollars and promised to put drops in her eyes twice a day. I lined up two friends to help me, one for the morning and one for the afternoon. We carried out our mission on a screaming, scaredy cat. Other than those sessions, the cat purred happily. I took her, kicking and screaming a third time to the vet’s office three weeks later. Again, the vet poked and prodded her poor eye.

“The problem is now in her iris; You need to see a specialist in Pittsburgh.”

“I do? Will that be very costly? I am on a tight budget.”

“You’ll have to talk to them,” he sniffed in a very miffed way … and charged me another hundred dollars.

When I gave my friend the latest update, she said, “You have to face facts here.  You don’t have that kind of money. Your cat is happy. She has  a good home. Plenty of food. She is well cared for. The only time she is unhappy is when you take her to the vet!”

I thought about those words for a very long time. I was trying to do anything and pay any amount so my cat could keep her sight. But why? She WAS happy.  It didn’t seem to matter if she had one working eye or two. She didn’t seem to be in pain at all.  She still rubbed up against me, still purred on the pillow next to me, and still followed me everywhere.

A big truth  hit me right here in the gut today.  

Over the years I’d  spent a lot of money trying to cure my incurable progressive vision loss.  I even went to Malibu where they talked holistic medicine.  In fact, all the doctors I ever went to poked and prodded, and charged me large to exorbitant sums of money.  None of the doctors had any cures. I was well cared for.  Had a good home. Good food. A loving family. I wasn’t in any pain.

The parallels were obvious.

I suddenly got it. God wanted me to learn to be content in whatever state I was in. Just like my cat. He wanted me to find joy in every day and not have it dependent on whether I could see or not.

God sent me a cat going blind to share my jouney and teach me lessons.

How great is that!

God is … amazing! Beautiful. All-knowing. All-seeing.

There are no coincidences in God’s world.  He makes every single thing work for my good.

Every once in awhile, He opens my eyes to His beauty and reveals His handiwork. This fact.

Personalized. In a way that I can see. 


The Going-Blind Cat
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