Sing a new song

If you have missed the last few posts, God has taken me to a new area of writing to explore: song writing! Frank Beck, a country song writer God has blessed me with in my life, and I co-wrote this song, pooling our talents together. The day we wrote this, I was struggling with my pride and with the feelings of shame that arise at times due to my poor vision, and just day-to-day falling short as I try to live for Him. But Jesus reassured me that He steps in and fills the gaps when I am weak.

Amy’s Hotel List

I ran across some items recently that I had stored away for many years. It reminded me of how important my relationship with my nieces has always been in my life.

As a rule, I wasn’t overly sentimental about leaving my family and returning to wherever I was living overseas at any given time. My mind was already on the airplane, thinking of the stops I had to make, and when I could relax and get back to “my real life.”

But I have to admit that it was always somewhat difficult to leave my nieces behind. They had me at my heartstrings sometimes.

God’s Special Delivery Parcel

Ben’s classroom was two down from mine. He and I were part of the first wave of teachers who received computers at our teaching job back in the early 90’s — so naturally we gravitated to each other’s rooms, comparing notes on how to do this or that on the computer. Gradually, I got to know this gentle older man with the lopsided grin and eyes that seemed to smile a lot. He had the heart of a traveler just like me. We’d both been turned away from joining the Peace Corps- me because of my vision and he because of past melanoma. We also shared a fondness for language, namely Spanish and Japanese. I had lived in these cultures and was the storyteller; he listened and in turn, I read the poetry he translated into these languages. Rich moments to savor at the end of a busy teaching week.