Whisper in My Ear

Whisper in My Ear

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all we did was have tea parties with little girls and meet up with our friends for grown-up versions of the same? I knew a woman who collected teacups. She kept them all in a glass curio case. I used to wonder how much enjoyment she got from them. I said, “Why don’t you ever use them?” She said they were too costly and fragile to handle. My friend felt it was best to look at and admire them from behind glass. I chose to make the tea sets I purchased abroad accessible and take my chances. Of course, the inevitable happened.

His Staff Guides My Feet … to Lakemount Church

With my cane, I sped along Main Street. A young woman driving slowed down and then stopped beside me. “Amy, where’re you headed?” I told her I had only a few blocks to go and gestured down the road. “Hop in. I’m going that direction. I can take you.”

I had no idea who the driver was. I didn’t recognize her. But that wasn’t unusual. A lot more people saw me than I did them! Being blind and all.

I squinted out the window at a blurry building. “That’s it. That’s the place. You can drop me off here.”

“There? Are you sure?”

“I’m getting my hair trimmed,” I explained.

Why did she sound so shocked?