Amy Bovaird has delivered her message at hundreds of speaking engagements ranging from church groups, conferences, organizations, schools, local civic groups and clubs.   Below, please see a selection of her talks, which can be modified to adapt to your group or organization.

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“Amy Bovaird is a dynamic speaker that will engage your audience of any age or culture. Her love for God and the lessons she has learned in her life’s journey are captivatingly expressed through stories of both victory and defeat. Wit and humor are creatively interwoven through the experiences of personal and spiritual fortitude… charismatic through and through.”
— RoseMarie Lackey, Director of Missions, Women’s Connection Ministry

“Our church family thoroughly enjoyed Amy Bovaird’s speaking.
Her energetic and joyful style kept all who were at the service totally engaged in her faith testimony.”

—Pastor Clyde Davis

Girard Alliance Church

“Bovaird is dynamic, enthusiastic and in her element!”

—Therese Wheaton,

Leader Dog Chairperson for PA Lions Club 14-F

Target Audience: Churches

To encourage and equip individuals to cope with grief / loss.  I share six inspiring lessons God taught me through pregnancy loss, divorce and the the death of a family member.

45 minutes.


Target Audience: Mainstream, Christian groups

Sharing my story of gradual vision loss and how I coped.  Focuses on the stages of coming to terms with blindness.

Positive, humorous and honest anecdotes and insights.


Target Audience: Mainstream Public, Christian Groups, Churches, Senior Citizen Groups

Amy Bovaird, author and inspirational speaker, offers her experiences on a platter. This packed session is aimed at coping positively with any loss. She is losing her vision and hearing and had dealt with pregnancy loss, divorce and the sudden passing of each of her parents.  Bovaird shares uplifting anecdotes, God’s tender mercies, miracles and life lessons.  She will read short passages from her memoirs. Her optimism is contagious and participants will leave refreshed!


Target Audience: Schools (especially primary grades)

Offers learning about vision loss through music, educating about cane and cane safety.

30 minute periods.


Target Audience: Mainstream, Vision-impaired, Caregivers

Caring for a loved one within the perimeters of low vision. My focus is on examples of everyday household and caregiving tasks.

The session offers insights, tips and strategies, that foster success, starting with a faith-based / positive perspective with emphasis on humor, faith, knowing when to to reach out for additional help and learning how to trust God.


Target Audience: Women; Christian Women; Women who have lost children during pregnancy.

Losing a baby is devastating.  My presentation delves into the physical, emotional and marital challenges from conception to loss.

This talk offers healing, encouraging scriptures highlighted with a focus on spiritual growth and recovery.


Target Audience: General Church Groups, Ladies’ Retreats

Comparisons between developing faith and climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan.

I provide my personal experiences from both journeys, primarily with vision and hearing loss.


Target Audience: Ladies’ groups, Women’s Ministry

Focuses on life in the mission field, the challenges of staying focused on and committed to your mission—not travel, not culture, but God’s opportunities.

It also features adapting) to food, culture, language and people—from my experience on the field.


Target Audience: General Christians, Women’s Church Ministry Groups

Addresses interfaith marriage, the challenges and fallacies as filtered through my own experiences.


Target Audience: Schools At All Levels; Civic and Church groups.

Raises 5  stages of culture shock and includes a smorgasbord of cultural insights and anecdotes garnered over 25 years of teaching international students, living abroad and visiting more than 33 countries.

Alternatively, I can speak about specific regions or individual countries for Social Studies units and homeschoolers.


(Workshop) Target Audience: Mainstream Public, Schools, Senior Citizen groups, Churches

Highlights purpose, brainstorming techniques and hands-on writing.  Follow-ups with possible series of talks.


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