2018 Speaking Events

Ladies’ Day Luncheon  “Focusing on Son Light”
Bethel Assembly Women’s Outreach, Bethel Assembly of God Cafe, 1414 Lake St. Girard, PA, March 24, 10 am – 1 pm.

Pennwriters Workshop, “7 Keys to a Strong Memoir”
Shenango Valley Pennwriters, Community Library of the Shenango Valley, Sharon, PA, April 20, 1-4 pm.

Poetry Open Mic Night, “Celebrating National Poetry Month with Original Poetry’”
Kingdom Financial Group, 652 W 6th St, Erie, PA. April 26, 6:30-7;30 pm.

Community Outreach “6 Lessons God Taught me Through My Grief”
Stone Memorial Library, 1101 Main St. Conneautville, PA May 17, 6:30 – 7:30 pm

Book Signing
Rice Avenue Community Public Library, Girard, PA, May 18, 11am – 12 pm.

Multi-Author Book Signing, West PA Book Festival, Brandy Springs Park, Mercer, PA, July 21, 10-4 pm.

Meet and Greet / Book Signing
Flagship City Book Festival, 400 Block State St. Erie, PA September 28 & 29, 9 am – 9 pm

Meet and Greet / Book Signing – Also ‘Teacher Appreciation Day’
Barnes and Noble Book Store, 5909 Peach St. Erie, PA  October 6, 9 am – 3 pm.

Senior Center Talk and Luncheon, “6 Lessons God Taught me Through My Grief”
The Federated Church, 11995 Main St., East Springfield, PA  October 9, 11-11:45 am.

Meet and Greet / Book Signing 
Your Book Oasis, 802 Main St. Volant, PA (Mercer County), October 30. 12-2 pm

“The Power of Toastmasters” Kiwanis Club, The Admiral Room, Nov 13, 12:30-1:00 pm.

2017 Speaking Events

Raising Awareness “Thriving with Dual Sensory Loss”
Greene Township Lions Club, Skyline Restaurant, East Grandview Blvd. Erie, PA  January 9, 7 pm.

Cane Awareness and Encouragement “Renewed Independence”
The Sight Center of NW PA,  26th St. Erie, PA, January 18, 12:30 pm

Faith Talk “Thriving with Dual Sensory Loss”
Girard Missionary Alliance Church Rice Avenue, Girard PA, January 29, 6 pm

Faith Talk “Be Mine: Always and Forever Even in Loss”
Fairview United Methodist Church Rt 98, February 11, 6 pm.

Sunday Spotlight, Author Interview
We Love Memoirs, Facebook, February 12, 10 am.

Raising Awareness “Coping with Dual Sensory Loss”
Crystal Run Lions Club,  Springboro, PA. February 19, 6 pm

Author Interview via Conference Call “My Publishing Journey”
Behind Our Eyes – A vision-impaired author group, February 26, 8 pm.

Raising Awareness, “How a Lion can Help Someone with Vision Loss”
Northeast Lions Club, Northeast, PA, February 16, 7 pm.

Thriving with Vision & Hearing Loss, “Fostering Independence”
Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services, OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation), March 22, 9:45 am.

Raising Awareness “How a Lion Can Help Someone with Vision Loss”
Union City Lions Club, Union City, PA April 12 6 pm

Building Bridges, “Lions: Beacons of Light to the Blind”
Springboro Lions Club, Springboro, PA, April 20, 6 pm

Raising Awareness, “My Story & 6 Ways a Lion Can Help a Blind Person”
McKean Lions Club, St. Francis Usher Club, McKean, PA April 24, 7 pm.

Presentation, “Memoir: Take a Spin Down Memoir Lane”
Success for Writing, Sandy Lake Writer’s Conference, Sandy Lake, PA, April 29, 11 am -12 pm.

Book Signing. Chestnut Place Hallmark Gifts
3912 Avonia Rd, Fairview, PA, May 20, 12 – 2 pm.

Inspirational Talk, “Resources and Maximizing Vision as we Age”
Erie West Senior Center, 1210 W 8 St.  May  23, 11:30-12:00 pm

Writing Workshop, “Don’t Drive Blind! Taking a Spin Down Memoir Lane”
Pennwriter’s Area Writer’s Road Trip, Tom Ridge Environmental Center, Erie, PA, October 14, 11 -11:55 am

2016 Speaking Events

Raising Awareness “Coping with Vision Loss”
Summit Lions Club, Erie, PA January 27, 6 pm

Receiving Alumni Award of Merit – Literature 
Ohio Valley University, Parkersburg, WV February 24-26

Question & Answer Session “Sharing Book Details”
Faith-based Book Club, March 15, 7 -8 pm

Never Ever Give Up Hope Radio Interview, “Seeing Humor Through Vision Loss”
March 21, 10:30-11:30 am

Raising Awareness “Coping with Vision Loss”
Perry Lions Club, PA, March 22, 6 pm

Raising Awareness, “Coping with Vision Loss”
Titusville Lions Club, Sam’s Restaurant, Titusville, PA April 5, 6 pm

Podcast, BlindAlive with Lisa Salinger
April 27, 11 am

Tending to Life’s Garden  Senior Seminar #2 in a series of 4
“Cane Confessions: The Lighter Side to Vision Loss”
Lifeworks, Sponsored by LECOM, Erie, PA June 30, 12:30-2 pm

Informational & Awareness “Bridging the Gap”
PA Association of School Retirees (PASR), Shriners, Erie, PA September 8, 11:30 am

Motivational & Practical talk: “The Abundant Life”
Westminster at Parkdale, Erie, 16505 September 15, 2:30 pm

Motivational & Practical talk “The Abundant Life”
The Regency, Southshore, 16505, September 29, 10:30 am

*Faith Talk “How God Enables Us to Overcome” Limitations
Shadbush, Methodist Church Women’s Group, Edinboro, PA Octobere 16, 7 pm

Raising Awareness “Coping with Vision Loss”
Bradford Lions Club, Bradford, PA  October 18, 6 pm

BOOK LAUNCH for Cane Confessions
LECOM Senior Life Center, Erie, PA, November 15, 6-8 pm

Book Signing
Rice Avenue Community Public Library

Book Signing
Heartland Antique and Gift Shop, 9101 West Ridge Rd. Girard, PA, December 10, 12 pm – 2pm.

2015 Speaking Events

Y-Men’s Group “Vision Loss Journey”
Maennerchor Club, Erie, PA February 12, 12-1 pm

Purpose Talk Radio Interview “Walking by Faith without Sight Through Your Purpose” February 20, 3-4 pm

Motivational Talk “Turning Negatives Into Positives”
Blasco Public Library, Erie, PA March12, 1-2 pm

Craft Show & Book Signing
Lake City Fireman’s Picnic March 14, 8-12 am

Book Signing
Double LL Gift Shop, Girard, PA March 21, 10-12 am

Bureau of Blindness Rehab Group “O & M Training – Finding Abilities”
American Legion, Waterford, PA March 26, 11-12 pm

Joy Senior Center “Coping with Vision Loss & Practical Tips”
Stahl Cntr, Presque Isle, Erie, PA April 14, 1-2 pm

Chamber of Commerce Meet and Greet “Mobility Matters”
Camp Sherwin, Lake City, PA April 24, 6-7 pm

*Dinner in the Dark “Orientation and Mobility Training”
Riverside Inn, Cambridge Springs, PA May 2, 5-11 pm

*Book Club Talk “Travel & Mobility Matters”
Lincoln Library, Millcreek, PA May 13, 11-1 pm

Senior Center Talk “Living with Low Vision & Practical Tips”
Chestnut St. Apts, Fairview, PA May 22, 2-3 pm

Senior Center Talk “Living with Low Vision & Practical Tips”
Villa Maria Apts, Erie, PA June 1, 2-3 pm

Awakening the Senses Senior Seminar #2 in a series of 4
“Adapting to New Cultures: Vision and Hearing Loss”
Lifeworks, , Erie, PA June 25, 12:30-2 pm

Motivational Talk  “Vision Loss Journey”

Book Signing
Lake City Fireman’s Picnic, Lake City, PA June 19, 5-8:30 pm

Book Signing
Rice Avenue Community Public Library, Girard, PA June 27, 1-3 pm

Senior Center Talk “Journey of Vision Loss & Practical Tips”
Albion Senior Center, Albion, PA July 6, 11-2 pm

Motivational Talk “Mobility Matters & Facts about Blindness”
Soldiers and Sailors Home, Erie, PA July 31, 2-3 pm

Book Signing
Springdale Public Library, Pittsburgh, PA August 15, 8-12 pm

Book Signing
Health and Wellness Expo, Lecom, Shriner’s Bldg, Erie, PA September 15, 8-11:30 am

*Motivational Talk “Coping with Vision Loss”
Albion Lions Club, Albion, PA September 28, 6:00 pm

Motivational Talk “Coping with Vision Loss”
Greenville Lions Club, Greenville, PA October 5, 6 pm

Sunday Spotlight “Question & Answer Session”
We Love Memoir Facebook Group, October 11

Senior Center Talk “Blindness Awareness Month & Mobility Matters”
Springhill Retirement Center, Erie, PA October 12, 1:30-2:30 pm

Senior Center Talk “Blindness Awareness Month & Mobility Matters”
Erie West Senior Center, Erie, PA October 13, 10:30-11 am

Raising Awareness “Fundraising for Audio”
District Meeting Lions Club, Greene Township, Erie, PA November 15, 1 pm

Raising Awareness “Fundraising for Audio”
West County Lions Club Fairview, PA November 16, 6 pm

Motivational Faith Talk “A Fuji-Sized Faith (A Mountain Climbing Metaphor)”
Circle of Hope Ministry, Asbury United Methodist Church, Erie, PA November 19, 12-1 pm

2014 Speaking Events

Book Launch – Mobility Matters, Erie Church of Christ, Erie, PA, October 12, 12-2 pm

Book Signing, Heartland Antique Gift Shop, West Ridge Rd, Girard, PA November 22, 2-4 pm

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