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Flying with a White Cane

My first flight with my white cane came caused somewhat of a shock to my system. After having flown independently in airports like London, Rome, Dubai and Amsterdam, even guiding my husband through the complicated Munich airport, I couldn’t leave our two-gated airport in Erie on my own.

Once the authorities saw my white cane, they assumed I could do nothing on my own. Why couldn’t I tell them otherwise? I plain wasn’t assertive enough.

I could see enough to check in on my own, if they just told me what information to input onto the check-in portal screen. But they wanted so badly to “help” me, I let them, and in the process, became that helpless person they thought I was—totally a mindset as blind people are not helpless.

I felt like I’d let them steal something valuable from who I was and I didn’t know how to replenish it. The wonderfully-independent world traveler had disappeared when I pulled out my white cane—because of other people’s expectations.

I transferred planes in Cleveland, and went on to Detroit, all with solicitous assistance from airport personnel. By the time, I arrived at Baggage Claim, I had a throbbing headache.

An Excerpt

The cart driver eased to a halt. “Here ya’ go, ma’am. Ya’ bag’ll come in at Carrousel Three. Can I help ya’ git it?”

“N-no. I’m good.” I reached into my purse and found a couple of dollars and slipped them into the man’s hand who steered me through Detroit’s domestic airport. He probably counted on his tips.

My gaze, blurred as it was, swept through the throng of people—those maneuvering suitcases, parents admonishing children, and those headed out the door—seeking one person. Was that him? The man turned and waved in my direction. Yes! It had to be him. Relief coursed through me and my smile must have shown it.

He walked toward me. “Look at you,” Mark said, taking me into his arms. “I was watching you on that cart. Ya’ looked lost or mad or upset. I said ‘What is goin’ on with Amy?’”

I made a face. “I coulda’ found my way here much faster on my own. Get this—the stewardess had them bring me a wheelchair while everyone else exited the plane la-la-la without a care.” I shook my head, still unsettled. “My legs aren’t broken,” I fumed. “I can move pretty fast with my cane.”

“When ya’ saw me, your face lit up like the Fourth ‘a July fireworks,” Mark said, squeezing my shoulder and changing the subject. “Let’s find your bag and get outta here. Lemme take that.” He lifted the strap of my burgundy leather carry-on from my shoulder.

That left me with my purse and white cane. I hesitated then folded up my cane. As expected, Mark took my arm, and looped it through his as we made our way up to the conveyor belt.

“There’s my bag.” I pointed to a small blue nylon bag slowly moving.
 He stopped in mid-step and stared at me. “How could ya’ see that? I mean, how could ya’ tell where your bag was?”

“Not too big of a stretch. I’m partially sighted, ya’ know.” I tried to take the testiness out of my voice. “Besides, see that bright polka-dot scarf on the handle? I have that scarf on there when I fly anywhere.”
Taking a deep breath, I consciously put the unsettling airplane experience aside for the moment to focus on Mark and my weekend with him.

Handling Our Problems

Problems crop up for each of us all the time, draining us as we problem solve to move forward. We need to replenish ourselves and keep our problems in perspective. We can draw strength from each other. It all goes back to remembering who is in control and take our guidance from Him.

… Which brings to a cool event — the Staying Strong Summit.

Come join me as we hear and are offered hope-giving encouragement for our hearts and souls.

Online Event

Come hear from speakers such as Jena Fellers, Heather Margiotta, Abigail Brown, Don Simmons Jr., Katie Homor, Kimberly Rae, Jennifer Slattery, Chuck Carr, Tammy Dove, Sarah Manuel, and so many more!

Listen as they share how the Lord helped them through some of the most difficult moments of their lives and how staying strong in Him made all the difference.

In this summit, you will receive:

  • Knowledge you are not alone, hope-giving inspiration and encouragement
  • 10 hrs uninterrupted inspiration you can view over and over to gain strength

As a VIP ticket holder, you will receive:

  • Knowledge you are not alone
  • 10 hrs uninterrupted inspiration you can view over and over to gain strength


  • gain a tremendous amount of resources, over $100 worth of digital downloads
  • have access to 2 FREE 30-Minute coaching sessions with Jena and Steve Fellers
  • bonus videos containing beneficial advice and some cheer
  • Exclusive Q&A access with Katie and Tap Hornor with Jena and Steve Fellers


Your struggles do not define you and you too can overcome with His help and truth. The Lord bless you friend, always.

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