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Prayerfully Placed

I had to travel from Erie, PA to Kansas City, MO, America’s heartland.  The plane

The ticket price threw my budget into a tailspin.

ticket cost ten times the price of the writer’s conference, which was scheduled to last less than six hours.  When I added on the cost of a hotel and three or four taxi fares, I feared for my budget. Ha! What budget? How could I afford to go?

One day after reading yet another post about the conference on Facebook, I took the plunge and purchased a plane ticket. Three weeks pre-conference, Erie to Kansas plane tickets were nearly sold out. I snagged one of the last ones. Due to arrive Friday, the night before, the soonest I could fly back was  Sunday morning. That meant a second night in a hotel—more expense.  It seemed like a big financial risk.  My friend’s response, “Uh-oh, not good” didn’t reassure me. So I called my financial planner for her advice. That day she was in a meeting and never called me back.

I decided to keep the ticket and attend the conference in spite of my budget problems.

I committed the expense to prayer.

I prayed about my decision and left my financial woes to God.

Things started to look up when Sally, a board member in the writer’s group, offered to put me up at her house for the two nights. The good news also meant no taxis. God was working on my behalf to make the trip more affordable.

Sally and I hit it off from the start. I’d met her a few years back and recalled how well our personalities meshed. We talked for a long time about writing. She shared ways for me to better market myself. God seemed to have dropped me into the lap of a kind and generous mentor that night—in fact, for my entire stay.

The next morning we went early to set up.  I met Cecil Murphey, the author and guest speaker for Super Saturday. Retinitis Pigmentosa and Usher’s Syndrome usually create many challenges for me in large venues. But that day I found an excellent seat, which enabled me to see and hear the speaker well. Meeting in a church classroom made it easier for me to cope.  Another advantage was that with only thirty or so attendees, I found the confidence to ask questions–another rarity.

Afterward, Sally informed me that we’d meet up with another board member, to take the speaker to dinner. I was thrilled to sit at the same table as this bestselling author who’d written more than 135 books.  During the course of the meal, I asked Mr. Murphey about critiquing my manuscript. I was delighted when he said that he would review my first ten pages. If I’d gotten a plane ticket home right after the conference, I’d have missed out on that special dinner invitation.

Looking back at how the details played out for me, I realized this was a divine plan. It’s clear now God placed me in the Heartland in response to my prayer for guidance in my career and, specifically, my memoir.

God answered my prayer over and beyond what I ever expected!

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Prayerfully Placed
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  • August 26, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Wow, Amy! So happy for you! 🙂

  • August 26, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    Thanks, Trudy!
    How are things going with you?
    Take care and hope to see you again!

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