The Origins of Blessings

That year marked a lot of “firsts” for my husband, *Nadir, and me after we finally started our life together in the Middle East. Never did I dream this trip would reveal such a delightful surprise to us! We set out from our village in the United Arab Emirates and headed to Oman on an overnight trip through the mountainous desert…

An Excerpt from Seeking Solace

pregnant, 4-wheel drive,
Shortly after the start of our trip! 

Nadir and I were passengers in a carload of friends and with a large caravan filled with Arab and western teachers and their spouses.  It would be Nadir’s first extended trip in the UAE since his arrival. 

Hitting the Sand Dunes

We hit the sand dunes sideways and the back tires slid in the sand. I clutched the handrail in the 4-wheel drive vehicle.

“Whee!” The driver’s shout was met with laughter. But not from me.

“Stop! Let me out!” I cried for the fourth time that day. I knelt in the hot Arab sun retching as my husband, Nadir, patted my back. Somewhere near Camel Head Rock, the idea hit me: What if I’m pregnant?

When we arrived at Camel Head Rock, an idea struck me…


Three weeks later, the doctor confirmed my suspicions. I squeezed Nadir’s hand. “Oh honey, if our desert drive is any indication of how our life will go, how exciting will that be?” I imagined the fun of sharing those first queasy moments with our future son or daughter. “You’re our desert discovery,” I would say. 

A Memorable Weekend 

Many times we looked back on that weekend as the start of something big … an answer to prayer, a humorous start. Sometimes we said it was a “rocky start,” and even a “tumultuous” start since I was sick for most of the trip.

Nonetheless, that trip to Oman left its defining mark on our marriage. Our lives were about to change.

Do you remember where you were when you first suspected you (or your spouse) might be pregnant? Was it expected or unexpected? 

*Nadir is a pseudonym

You have just read “The Origin of Blessings” by Amy L. Bovaird © February 9, 2018. No part of this may be reproduced with permission.  Let me know in the comments where you were when you first suspected the pregnancy! 

The Origin of Blessings – Seeking Solace
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2 thoughts on “The Origin of Blessings – Seeking Solace

  • February 11, 2018 at 4:30 am

    I remember that day so well! It seemed obvious after the first or second stop that it wasn’t just car sickness! but you survived and thrived in spite of all the trials. xxx love you, Amy, and love having a shared past

  • February 13, 2018 at 1:39 am

    Hi BL,
    I did!!! I think it was you who brought it to my attention, in fact! What a weekend that was!
    I love having a shared past, too!

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