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Eric Weihenmayer is a blind man. And for someone who wouldn’t admit he was blind, he has accomplished amazing feats after he admitted it. That’s someone I want to know about! Facing my progressive vision loss can get pretty scary at times but if I see people who don’t let it stop them, I know I can pursue my goals too.


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One of the things that makes me smile the most is that God took a vision-impaired, map-challenged young woman, one who got lost all the time in the city she grew up in and He set her loose on the world. On mountains in the Far East. In deserts in the Middle East. In canyons in South and Central America, all on a small teacher’s salary.

She grew up rather quiet and shy–quite bookish. Certainly not one people would ever believe would dare to learn several languages and travel the world, often alone.

That woman is me.

I changed because the people I met took chances.

They influenced me.

And frankly, God made it do-able.

He removed the necessity of driving and finding my way with a map. In place, He gave me public transport and friends who were naturally good navigators. Then He placed amazing passions inside me…and let me go!

Some of the ways  I grew…

I’ve always loved the idea of hiking and climbing mountains. But I never did much of it until I traveled overseas. I guess I had to be in the right place–and it seemed like living overseas made me bold and a little fearless.

Even after I started losing more vision.

Being around people who liked to travel influenced me. I became independent and more adventurous. Well, that’s what I call it. Others might call it just living normally. But it never  was “normal” to me since everything I tried took on an added element of “what happens if…” because of my vision loss.

When I moved back to the United States and continued to lose more vision, I sought out people to encourage and inspire me.

In this post I want to share a video clip of an inspiring blind mountain climber called Eric Weihenmayer who wrote a book called Touch the Top of the World. He climbed Mt. McKinley, Mt. Aconcagua, Kilmanjaro to the ultimate challenge, Mt. Everest.

I found it fascinating to learn who inspired him to  attempt these things.

I believe you are going to LOVE this interview with Eric and Oprah. Eric will inspire and change your perspective, just like it did for one young boy who met Eric.

Courtesy of  “Amazing Stuff: Eric Weihenmayer”

Listening to this interview made me stop and think about those who influenced me along the way. What about you? Was there one person whose outlook caused you to live with more confidence? Who made you believe more in yourself? Share it in the comments below. If you liked this post, click LIKE and Share it with a friend.

You have read “One Blind Mountain Climber.” Copyright, Amy L. Bovaird, September 2014.

One Blind Mountain Climber
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4 thoughts on “One Blind Mountain Climber

  • September 22, 2014 at 5:23 am

    Wow Amy! You never cease to amaze me! That’s why I nickname you ‘Amazing Amy.’ I bet you have inspired many people on your journey! For myself, between Grades 3 to 6 I believe I read a lot of biographies (possibly autobiographies as well) that inspired the thought of wanting to become famous one day…what I realize I desired actually was to make a difference in the world, a major one, not a minor one. I’m still waiting to do so – need a kick in the butt sometimes! 😉 – with a vision of an alternative choir I received from God/Spirit/Source/intuition years ago. <3

  • September 22, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    Did you write this, Amy just for me? The answer to your question, “Who has been the greatest inspiration in my life?” my answer is Oprah. (That’s what made this post even more special, you took me back to the days of the Oprah Show.) I used to watch Oprah every day. I had the biggest collection in the Middle East of Oprah shows (and if I could watch reruns, I would probably watch each and every show!). I followed her Angel Networks, her Book Club, her Gratitude Journal and all the amazing guests she had on her program. As a English teacher trainer, I would use bits of her programs in my training. It was a party every time.

    And you, dear Amy – are an inspiration. Not because you are blind, but for your love of life. Thank you, HUGS <3

  • September 22, 2014 at 10:48 pm

    Elly, you have me so curious as to what that alternative choir is.
    Email me and give me some more information about it!
    It seems you have taken the initial steps. What’s your next one?!
    Amy xx

  • September 22, 2014 at 10:58 pm

    Hi Judy
    Thanks for reading this post! So glad that you like Oprah!
    I’m happy I chose someone you are such a big fan of!
    When did you live in the Middle East? You were a teacher trainer? I did that for a time, too!
    And I used video clips in my classes too. I like that you said “it was a party every time.” Student pick up on the infectious personality of their trainer and they are apt to turn around and implement similar practices in their own classrooms. So nice to hear you loved the materials that you used to train the other teachers! You sound very creative, Judy!

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