Why Pampered Chef?

I hosted my first ever Pampered Chef Party in honor of Blindness Awareness Month. If you missed my post a few weeks ago, you can read about my reasons for hosting it HERE.

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I’ve been challenging myself to leave my comfort zone all month and telling others about the importance of October in terms of sight loss to bring awareness to the topic. It’s easy to do at a speaking engagement where people have come to see me speak out on the topic but not quite so easy in everyday life. But I’m determined to be a light and a voice for those coping with sight loss—especially those who have not come to terms with losing their vision.

A Spectrum of Loss

I never knew about the spectrum of loss from legally blind to completely blind. I used to think—like most people—if you used A white cane or guide dog you had no sight at all. But that is simply untrue. It’s one of the reasons I balked at using a white cane. I wasn’t blind. I had some sight—lots of it, I told myself. But with my mobility trainer, I quickly learned the truth and how many people live with varying degrees of sight loss. Not only that, but they don’t tell people they face challenges each day. Just like I do.

I know several people who don’t need a white cane yet, but who still struggle in a sighted world. Society at large doesn’t know they’re trying to get through each day with the limited vision they have. It’s so tiring.

Everyone faces it differently. They might wonder “How long” they have before they can’t manage any more. Or they might, as one colleague does, embrace the sight they have and thank God for his blessings. That’s the way I live my life now. But as I always say—it was a journey to reach this point, emotionally.

For those who struggle with the unknowns, the issue pulls at my heart strings.  The fight to rise out depression and overwhelm is real. I know. I lived it, too. I denied I was losing my sight—to myself. Only close, trusted friends and family knew the truth as my sight continued to deteriorate.

When it became too much to function in a sighted world, God pulled me out of the fear by placing a white cane in my hand and a trainer that was completely blind. The experience changed my life.

Making a Difference

Every October I find myself so incredibly blessed. In my groups, I meet people—like Trish Laube—who do make a difference, and who pursue every opportunity to help others. In my Pampered Chef party, Trish has taken on the bulk of the work. She has less vision than me—no vision in her right eye and a pencil-hole vision in her left—yet she has encouraged me every step of the journey in being a Pampered Chef hostess! She has helped my friends order when they had problems ordering online. She has made herself available to me and others—yet still communicates with company heads about making their products accessible to the blind.

I’m in awe of her! She not only encouraged me to host the party, but she also talked me through doing a Facebook Live announcement to extend the party. I just love the way she approaches any task. She has made this video extending the party to those who did not see my Facebook post about the party. So if anyone wants to order by Sunday, October 24, 6 pm, they can still do so.

Prizes Galore!

Tish describes three different drawings that come out of my Pampered Chef party. They range from four bread and cookie mix prizes to those who comment on my Facebook Giveaway Post pinned to my Amy BovaIrd, Author page  (or by commenting on this blog post), She has another giveaway for those who spend $50 and the third giveaway for a cool small appliance of much greater value ($329) for those who spent more than $150.

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Video Link: https://www.vzmessages.com/vl/efc523cc7b9b388a6dc3d38e5f0453ce47d62a69

She will choose the “Trick-or-treat” winners by video on October 31.

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