On the third morning of the conference, everything seemed to go smoothly getting from the hotel to the conference site. I had a meeting with a women’s editor shortly before lunch. I arrived early and noticed she seemed gentle and encouraging. For example, she seemed to be an especially good listener. Also, whenever a speaker finished with a pitch, she reached over and hugged that person. When it came time for me to share my book idea, she responded in the same caring fashion. She made me feel my idea had real credence as other published writers. Almost immediately after I left the editor, I realized that I did not have my cell phone on me. I waited till she finished with her next appointment then I asked her if I may have left my cell phone on the table. I hadn’t. Drats! My phone not only had all my contacts, it had served as my clock during the conference. Finding it was a priority.

     The editor thought for a minute, “Let me ask Mark to make an announcement over the PA system. That way everyone can be looking for it.” I smiled but inside I cringed, “Oh no! Not that Amy. She is a walking disaster.” So, when the editor left me, I snuck up to Mark and said, “Please don’t put it on the PA system. I would rather look first in the room where I had my last session.” He nodded, already moving on to the next order of business. This worked out well as I did find it in the Hallmark card-writing session where apparently, I left it earlier.

     Lunchtime turned out to be exciting because one of the big speakers culled out 15-20 minutes with me to talk about another one of my book ideas, the one about my dad and a few other local “hero” types in my hometown. We had a wonderful talk.

     That evening a few of the speakers went to dinner at Gates, a famous restaurant in Kansas City that served barbecue chicken and pulled pork. Organizers included me since I was staying with Sally.

    At the end of the conference, one of the conference organizers pulled me into a warm hug, “You look like you needed that.” I wondered what my body language was saying. In truth, I had had a terrific, very positive awakening to my calling as a writer at the conference. As far as my vision went, in these few days my experiences showed me that no matter how badly I wanted my life to be “normal,” my lack of vision was changing the way I interacted with my environment. It “opened my eyes” to the fact that I would have to get used to seeing less and less. Maybe I’ll have to laugh more. At the same time, I recognized a beautiful blessing: God always surrounds me with caring people.  That felt pretty cool! 

     Oh yeah, you may not remember back to the first night when I mentioned some blue bruises that seemed to get lighter when I washed. When I returned home that next day, I realized that a pen of mine had leaked in bed and I had lay in it, thus causing my “blue bruises.”

My life appears to consist of an endless parade of mishaps—an ongoing comedy, but I don’t really mind. In fact, I don’t think I’d know how to live any other way.

Mrs. Magoo’s Travels – Day 3
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