As Christmas comes and goes, I have mixed emotions. Our Erie, PA Christmas storm reflects the way I feel. I’m weary but have felt much encouragement through the months to pick me up. Read about how physical storms and spiritual storms overwhelm us … But somehow God always slants the light to show us the beauty in the midst of the storm. 

Merry Christmas from Snowy Erie, PA! 


EriePA storm
EriePA – over 60 inches of snow and still snowing hard!

The Current Storm

Over Christmas, we received 32 inches of snow in two days! Erie, PA made the national news. and world news. The Christmas storm in Erie, PA took a short break on Wednesday but started up again on Thursday. There is now 65 inches of snow and it’s not supposed to let up until the middle of next week! Yikes! 

Life Reflects Nature

Living through a winter storm like this is like going through other storms in life. 

The year started out well with. I had speaking engagements at churches in January and February and others with the Lions Club spaced through April and May.

Mom’s Passing

May was terrible with the unexpected passing of my 87-yo mother. It felt just like the snow that dumped on us Christmas Day – overwhelming and no where to escape. Looking back, it was like being snowed in for months at a time. I felt trapped, mentally. 

Book sales plummeted. I stopped scheduling speaking engagements. 

Storm Watch

I did nothing but look out the window as one day slid into another.

The sunsets were beautiful. Just like the snow is beautiful. 

But I didn’t interact. I stopped running. Walking. Going. I even stopped writing. 

A Break in Life’s Weather

In August, God showed me another book to write – a new genre for me. 

Devotionals. A look back at how God ministered to me in past losses to assure me He would care for me in this new, overwhelming loss. 

I’m about to finish that book now. So I’m excited. I have the cover. I have the content. It’s nearly ready. 

Like the Snow, the Problems Begin Again

A few days before Christmas my brother came to me in the middle of the night. He said, “I feel funny.” We ended up calling an ambulance at 3:30 am. He went into the hospital with afib (heart problems).

I stayed at home by myself and watched the snow fall–both physically and mentally–feeling helpless once more. 

The Break in Weather Arrives 

Four days later, I received a knock on my door. My brother had arrived home from the hospital  Covered in snow but so like a miracle, he just showed up. It was beautiful!  It was like a movie. He had come home just in time to drive us to my bother’in-law’s house for dinner and our Christmas celebration with my sister’s side of the family. 

Beauty in the Landscape of Challenge

Through all the challenges there has been beauty. God has met my needs and shown me He loves me and my family. Friends have given me advice, comforted me and expressed kindness throughout the storm.The landscape, as harsh and forbidding as it is to drive through, looks stunning from certain angles. 

I’m grateful. 

Dec 30 2017 snowy back yard

How did your Christmas go? What is the weather like where you are? 

Happy Holidays! 

You have just read “Merry Christmas from Snowy Erie, PA!” by Amy L. Bovaird. © December 30, 2017. 

Merry Christmas from Snowy Erie, PA!
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