When we ask God to show us circumstances through His eyes, He will teach us incredible, very personal lessons!  Yes, these lessons also revolve around everyday situations. The parallels are sometimes so clear that we cannot mistake His message!  


   “Aaggghhh! Do you think you can drip any slower?” I addressed the spigot in my water filter system in exasperation. “Come ON!” It took several hours to fill a single bottle these days. In fact, I had to use a wide-mouthed pitcher to catch the water because the water drops often missed the narrow opening of my regular bottles, and just dripped down the sides, rendering each precious droplet useless. 

     Soon after I had changed the filters six  months ago, I noticed a slowing in the flow of pure water coming out. 

     “I wonder if it’s because we have hard water?” I asked my mom. “Do you think there are mineral deposits on the inside of the faucet blocking the water?”

     “That might be. Ask your sister.” she suggested.

     “We don’t have any problems,” my sister replied, “but then we have a water softener system in our house. Maybe that makes the difference.”

     “How much does that cost?”

     “You can’t afford it. It’s a couple of thousand dollars.”


     Well, it’s just a little slower, so I’ll just have to adjust myself to it if there is some build-up of the minerals on the inside of the faucet.  Life is not that complicated, and I am not so busy that I can’t take  more time to fill a water bottle.

    At first, when I got tired of holding the bottle under the separate faucet, I would sit it down under the faucet. It took about ten minutes to fill a bottle. But as time went on, it took longer and longer to complete the same task.

     I began to discourage my family from drinking so much water, and started giving the dog tap water to conserve on my supply. I called a 1-800 phone number to ask for help and find a solution. All I got from them was to change the positions of the pre– and post-filters so that the last would be the main filter and the pre-filter would get a little of a break, so to speak. My sister did that for me but  it did not help my situation much.

      Around six months after changing the filters, a light begins to flash, indicating it’s  time to replace my worn filters. This year, I had to wait until some money came in to buy the new ones.

     But finally I had enough money to purchase my new Wher 25 filters—a set of three!  After I had them changed, I waited with bated breath but all that came out was a thin stream of water.  I hovered over the system, disappointed at the outcome and begged my handyman to take another look.

     “Sorry, but I can’t do any more with it. I think you’ll just have to call this number.” He pointed at a number on the installation paper. If I had thought of it, I would have called with my handyman right there in my kitchen. But, as usual, I didn’t think that conversation through—until it was too late.

     Once I received the troubleshooting operator, she began to speak in a jargon I couldn’t begin to follow. The most I gleaned was that the closest repairman lived 57 miles away. So, I gave up all hope and resigned myself to dealing with the filters in the same slow manner as I had for the past six months.

     “A real shame as the filters cost a lot of money! There is yellow all around the endpoint,” I muttered, more of a minor complaint than to provide the troubleshooter with any additional information.

     “Yellow? Are you sure? The ends of the filters for the Wher 25 are both purple.”

     “No, I mean there is a mineral deposit—”

     “What color are the ends?”

     “Oh! Let me see…one is green and the other yellow.”

     “Well, those filters are made to fit the Wher 20. You have been using the wrong filters!”

     “But they fit just like a glove!”

     “Sorry, these filters are not interchangeable,” she replied, very firmly. I wondered then if I had purchased the proper filters for the system this time.   I didn’t know where to look at the ends now that they were already installed. To my surprise an hour later when I turned the handle of the faucet, the water gushed out!

     I whooped and hollered, praised God and the filtering system too. Buddy came running out to the kitchen to celebrate with me!

     At night when I lay down to sleep, God started talking to me about the Wher 25 filters and my Christian walk. How often did I apply the wrong filter (s) to my thoughts? And if I were truly honest with myself, didn’t I sometimes filter out parts of the Bible I didn’t like as much as other parts? The part about denying myself did not line up exactly with God’s spigot. I felt like I was using the right filters. They fit well enough but  just didn’t accomplish the same thing. I really hadn’t been putting God’s will for my life first.

     God guided my thoughts to my writing ministry, and how five years had passed since I had come home, and yet I had not reached any of the goals God and I set out together to accomplish. Would another five years speed by before I started taking God’s call seriously? My editor said something along those lines recently. I thought again about the gushing water, and the proper filters. How wondrously it flowed when the right filters fit the system intended for it! It took just 45 seconds to fill one water bottle! It had taken several hours earlier.

     I wondered just how much God would be able to accomplish in my life if I truly believed in my call to write and that God had brought me home specifically to provide for me through a writing ministry!  

     What do I waste my time on? Why do I fill my days with busy work and fit my writing in around other less-important tasks? Why don’t I take my writing as seriously as a full-time job?

     I suddenly saw God’s call for my life clearly.   No wonder I had to suffer through with the wrong water filters for my reverse-osmosis  system! He needed to get through to me! How  patient He was to wait all those months and watch me drip slowly through life—not using my gift anywhere near capacity—when all He wanted to do was to let His power gush through me and bring Him glory!     

     I am not sure how a reverse osmosis system works exactly but I don’t want to go  backwards now or hold on to anything that will slow me down. I need to line up my filters with His master Osmosis system the right way this time!

     What about you? Make sure you have the right filters in place (ask and He will tell you) in order to filter  all the deposits  out. The pure waters will flow in your life!  Just watch what He is going to do through you!  Follow God and leave all the consequences to Him


Let the water gush!
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