Getting the Message Out:

“We can gain our independence back!”


I’m so pleased to share a phone interview I had with Mary D’Apiece, a fellow peer adviser atVisionAWARE, who read my book and had interesting observations, which led to some unique questions she posed to me.

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Though this interview originally appeared over two years ago, individuals with visual impairment  still respond to it and can easily relate to the struggles I went through to reach the point of acceptance I’ve come to live with today. Sharing our stories will strengthen our resolve and remind us we are not alone. 

We can all find ways to overcome. It takes determination and often, talking to the right person, counselor, friend, advocate, cheerleader or coach– arming ourselves with information and finding a path for ourselves. 

What holds you back from fulfilling your goals?

You have just read, “Getting the Message Out: We Can Gain Our Independence Back!” by Amy L. Bovaird. Copyright January 13, 2017. Reprinted from 

Interview with VisionAWARE
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