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When I tell people I’m losing my vision, they almost invariably fire off the question, “What can you see?” It’s really hard to explain because what I see depends on the day, the time, how much sleep I’ve had, how stressed I am, what kind of lighting I’m in, to name a few variables.  So the next question I’m asked is, “What can you see right now?” Sometimes I still don’t know how to answer. The best way to explain it is that my sight “flits” (continuously changes from bits of blurry to clear and visa-versa).

One day I visited the Foundation for Fighting Blindness Facebook page.  I found these videos posted by Diane Healey, who also suffers from Retinitis Pigmentosa, or RP. Her brother made them to enable others to “see” what she sees through a comparison video. The first shows what a person with normal vision sees. The second shows what his sister sees with RP.  I couldn’t believe it! Although everyone with RP sees somewhat differently–better or worse–this depicts the blurriness, the holes, the fluctuation and the darkness.

I was so blown away!

Finally, I have something to share that gives an idea of what I do and don’t see.

I had to write to Diane immediately to see how she created these videos in order to get permission to share them with my readers.  The process Diane and her brother used to make it was so simple. Diane  described exactly what she could see to her brother, who, in turn, created the videos. He used Photoshop to simulate the RP effect.

Wow! What you can do with technology these days!

The first video shows what it’s like in daylight.

The second video shows what it’s like at night.

Diane and her brother also put together a series of photographs that show first, what normal people see, then the same photo as seen by someone with RP. The photographs contain arrows you can slide back and forth to view the difference. Check ’em out!

I’m so grateful that Diane Healey and her brother took the initiative to create these outstanding visuals in order to foster greater understanding of our vision problems.

To learn more about Retinitis Pigmentosa and Diane’s RP, go to

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In the Eye of the Beholder
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