In December I wan’t quick enough to put together my monthly newsletter for my technician to send it out before she went on holiday so I’ll try to fill you through some of my initial blog posts this year. And hopefully get back on schedule. 

Happy New Year from Amy!

My Peer Advisor  VisionAware Star

VisionAware Star

Probably the nicest gift I received for Christmas this year was the “VisionAware Star” from the American Foundation for Blindness for my volunteer work at VIsionAware, a website that reaches out to those with vision loss. There are a team of more than twenty of us that share our experiences to answer questions from the message board, encourage and guide those coping with various stages of vision loss. We have an awesome, widely talented volunteer team of volunteers who can share advice and their experiences across the blindness spectrum. 

Team Approach

I’ve been a part of the team for about five years, and it’s been exciting getting to know the various other volunteers on board, planning articles and outreach during conference calls, finding ways to plug myself in to make a difference  and meeting others living positively with their vision and or hearing loss. Our communication has continually improved. Because I’m heard of hearing, it’s really difficult to follow the conversation during the conference calls. But in the last six months, we have had a text program that allows us to see what people are saying. It was wonderful and so much easier to follow the conversation. The volunteer role is currently changing so we’ll see what happens next and I will be sure to keep you informed! 

The 2018 AFB Leadership Conference

Every year the American Foundation for Blindness holds a leadership conference for three days. This year it is held in Oakland, CA. and guess who is going?! Yes, ME! I can’t believe how fortunate I am! Every year the names of all the volunteers are put in a hat and one lucky person’s name is drawn. This year it was my name! Whoo-hoo! The registration fee, lodging and transportation to and from is paid. That means I can meet some of the volunteers who are representing their agencies at the conference and meet others who will be speaking – in person!  I’ll be able to gather a lot of information to bring back and share with you, my readers. Also, I hope to have the last book done in my Mobility series so I might be able to do a little business on the side. 🙂 I’ve never been to a conference like this. It’s such a great learning opportunity! 

These are just some of the developments that are happening this year for me.

What are some of the events you are focused on this year? Are they tied to any particular group or organization? Are they for personal development, fun or a combination of both? 

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Happy New Year from Amy
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