"This weed broke free!"

Do you see this bag of MIRACLE GROW soil?

I bought it last summer when I purchased my flowers and the  trellis.

Somehow a seed entered the bag.

I don’t know how it got inside.

Maybe it blew into the bag.

          Maybe it fell into the bag.

                    Maybe it came in the bag.

But once that tiny seed took root  in the miracle soil

it grew …. and grew …. and grew…. and GREW!

Until it broke FREE!

Then it grew wild–in every direction, with lots of leaves.

           GREEN leaves. 

                      It increased in size due to the SUN

          and the RAIN

                      and  in spite of the SHADOW,


                      And it pricked the inside edge of the bag

     Deciding it wanted OUT.

            This weed burst OUT and is growing like crazy!

Guess what? That’s how I feel about my WRITING!

… that after years of gathering nutrients from the SOIL OF MY LIFE

                     (as corny as that sounds),

                                     it’s breaking through and growing like crazy.

It’s wild! Out of control…no boundaries!

But it’s going to get shaped and maybe even cut

               at the right time,

                                  and GOD  will let me know when the right time is….

For now, the weed, in all its enthusiasm, just gets out there, 

                    but let me remind you that it’s FREE,

growing from that tiny seed,

                      that in the MIRACLE SOIL gathered nutrients

                                       and burst through.

That’s a lot like FAITH, isn’t it?

                       GOD is working His plan for me,

                                     and now, just maybe, NOW, it’s coming together!

Could this be God speaking to me?

     I think so! Why not?

                 He’s reassuring me that He hasn’t forgotten the desires of my heart.   

                                               My WRITING is breaking FREE!

 Soon.  How soon, I don’t know. But it’s in the process.

              One day it’s going to explode into a profussion of COLORS

Yes, that weed will fall away and be replaced with a flower.

                      Born from my fertile experiences!

                                   Amazing, because I remenber as I went through them,

   they felt barren. I felt barren.  They still feel that way, at times.

It’s only when I LOOK BACK do I understand their value…


     He knows exactly how to speak to my heart and encourage me…

He knows how to speak to you too. Be encouraged.

God is preparing you to break free in some area of your life!

Are you right around the corner from a breakthrough?

Trust Him.  

Growing Like Crazy…!
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