Living with Vision Loss is NOT wonderful but being GRATEFUL for the opportunity to LIVE IS WONDERFUL! 

Grateful for Every Chaotic Moment! 

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Let me tell you why being grateful even for the chaotic is a good thing.

This morning, i woke up and grabbed a hot chocolate and headed for the computer. After answering some emails, I started editing some of the writing for my new book. 
Whoops! I suddenly remembered I had to cancel two meetings — one in person and my standard Monday afternoon meeting by phone. 
Then it was time to go to lunch with a friend. What a fun time that was! We celebrated with a late birthday and early Christmas get-together.  When I arrived home, I made a quick trip to the bank — but not quite quick enough as my public relations advisor caught me on the way home. “Give me two minutes,” I said. “I’ll be home!” 
At home, I took the stairs two at a time and called her back. She explained how to do a few things on the computer and our time was up. From there I quickly followed up on our topics and … 
It was time to cook dinner. My brother had invited a friend.  That’s when the chaos started. 
I turned around and overturned an entire box of just-opened chocolates! I gathered them all up — or thought I did. But I kept finding one more and one more … and ONE more! Of course, I had to eat  each stray chocolate since I didn’t know where it belonged in the box! (That’s what I told myself anyway). 
When I peeled the spuds to make mashed potatoes, the peelings landed every which way though I was working over the sink. They even flew into my hair. I told myself it was a new kind of conditioner! Then I re-heated a roasted chicken. Unfortunately, when I took it out of the oven, I tipped the pan and the juices ran into the oven. I had to wait until the oven cooled to clean that mess up! 
Oops! I found another chocolate! 
After I finally opened the Pillsbury crescent rolls, I found one long piece of dough. I didn’t know where one crescent roll ended and the other began. How could I bake them? What a rip-off!  
My brother and his friend were waiting so I rushed the roasted chicken and mashed potatoes down to my mother’s kitchen, apologizing that I had no vegetable or rolls. They loved dinner in spite of only having two courses! 
Afterward. when I told my friend about the problem with the rolls, he explained that I was to cut them into the size I wanted.
“Really? I had no idea!” 
“It says that right in the directions,” he pointed out. 
“Oh.” I suppose it did but the directions were in size 8 font and I had to use a magnifier to even see the temperature. I didn’t read anything else. 
My low vision caused all these accidents and chaotic mess! 
But I didn’t care! I was L-I-V-I-N-G! 
Those without vision loss experience the same stressful days I do. At least that’s what they tell me. 🙂 
I know in advance I’m going to miss seeing things, knock something over or spill it in the kitchen. It can happen to someone without vision loss too. And the BIG thing is I am not letting this chaos stop me from achieving my goals! 
I hope you’re not either! 
Chaos is good! It means we are not stagnant! 
Humorous things happen to me all the time. 
But it’s okay, it’s good, it’s … yes, as I said LIVING! 

What caotic event have you lived through lately? Answer in the Comments below. 

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Grateful for Every Chaotic Moment!
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