You have clothed me with joy,
that my heart may sing to You,
and not be silent.
Oh Lord, my God, I will give
You thanks forever.
Psalm 29: 11-12

Part II

On my way to Frank’s recording studio that afternoon, I wondered if  I could really be a songwriter.  Only one way to find out. Start. And see where it leads me.

There, I found my scrap paper of Spanish words and began to jot down some of my thoughts.

A few minutes later, Frank found me. “Hey, what are you doing?”

“Just jotting  down some ideas.”

“Well, do you mind not writing them on my NFL schedule?”

Upon hearing his aggrieved words, I smiled and took the new paper he offered in his outstretched hand. I penned my thoughts in silence for a few minutes but before long, both Frank and I became immersed in the process.  He picked up my train of thought and in moments, had encapsulated my ideas in phrases that expressed exactly what I felt.

“Okay, listen.” He sat at his guitar and put those precious two, and then, four lines to music.  He played with the melody and strummed softly.  In no time at all, Frank brought my ideas to life. It  blew me away how he could do that and express my heart so clearly.  That became the chorus.

The more we talked, the faster the words I had inside began to flow. Sometimes Frank used my exact words, other times he paraphrased to fit my thoughts to the music.  We went back and polished the first verse, and then onto the second. After a creative jag,  he always went back to the guitar to play the lines and let me hear them with the music and we fine-tuned it. The process amazed me; we had never been so in tune with each other.

As my words rolled off his tongue and the song took shape, my tears began to fall.  I don’t cry so easily but these words literally cried out to God. They filled me with hope, “Let the good shine through…” God intercedes for us and brings the good out when it doesn’t come out on its own accord. When all we have is our imperfect selves, God steps into view and makes His appearance. He fills the gap.

“Lord, hide the pain, the fault and the shame…”

How can I tell you what it’s like when I know that I fall so short of His will? Such shame…And yet, this line had a very personal double meaning. When I am clumsy, when I stumble, or do something where I come off looking silly because of my vision limitations, that fault and shame rises to the surface. I have to remember that I am God’s workmanship, and He has made me beautiful. He won’t let me feel sorry for myself. On the contrary, He is going to lead me to encourage both myself and others if I focus on Him.

I try so hard to  be strong and be yielded to Him but I’m letting you know that I really struggle with my pride, especially in regard to my vision limitations, and loss of independence. I almost come across as rude, and ungrateful. So I have to pray that God fills me with a spirit of humility.  Frank captured this heartfelt paradox in me so perfectly, and set it to music in what he called the “bridge.”

Looking back through the song, I love the lines, “through Your mercy and grace, all the bad falls away / So I can live for You.” We don’t have to carry that bad with us as God lets us come to Him with a clean heart each day. He forgives us, and the good shines through.

After we finished the song, Frank and I couldn’t contain our excitement. It grew as this beautiful bond between us and a week later, it serves to encourage us both. He said, “You don’t know, Amy, songs like this don’t come together so easily. It’s a miracle, definitely God-inspired.”  This announcement came from an experienced songwriter. We both stared at each other. If it stunned him, it definitely took this novice songwriter’s breath away.

How incredible is that?

The God of the universe took time to create an astounding experience for His two imperfect but beloved children who wanted to glorify Him! God keeps on filling me with wonder. So many times and so many ways…He laughs out loud at our joy. He is delighted and fills us to brimming over with passion for Him.

How has He filled your life with His delight lately? It seems to me when we least expect His humor to touch our hearts, that’s when He does it, and His miracles follow. Simple, but beautifully. Reach out to him today. Share the desires of your heart with Him. Be vulnerable. Be trusting. And let Him astound you.

Have I whet your appetite? Check back tomorrow for the lyrics to our song. I’m so excited! I’d like to post the music and the lyrics together to give you the whole package! God is so good!

God Enfolds us in His Songwriting
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