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Spotlight on Danay Trest
“Coping with Hearing AND Vision Loss” 

Danay Test is passionate about growing things, including her ability to grow awareness of  the disease she lives with
Danay Test is passionate about growing things, including her ability to grow awareness of the disease she lives with

I first learned about Danay Trest through my Facebook sight support group. She posted a video about her efforts to raise awareness of and garner funding for research of Usher’s Syndrome through Congress. I contacted her to learn more about her story. There is so much to learn about coping with dual losses- hearing in addition to vision.

The hearing loss is new to me and the challenges overwhelm me at times. Consequently, I’m always seeking to find how others cope with Usher’s Syndrome.  In this emotional, deep-from-the-gut video, Danay shares her response to the dual challenges of this disease and her decision to raise awareness of it. I’m encouraged by Danay’s testimony and how she tries to involve others in understanding the challenges. This is the first of a two-part Friday Friends series.

In Danay’s words …

Thank you for taking time to watch my breakthrough in life, “Coming to grips with Ushers.”  It was therapeutic for me in the sense of making it known, not only going through breast cancer but also how Usher Syndrome has affected me emotionally for over half my life.

Promoting “Take5Another5 Challenge” is my avenue to bring awareness to Usher Syndrome around the world.  Slowly going deaf/blind is a daily challenge.

It doesn’t matter if one person can see and the other can’t or if one person can hear and the other can’t. Be kind to one another. Being aware, understanding and becoming sensitive goes a long way.  Please join me in making this disease known.  Thank you!


Danay Trest - Advocate for those with Usher's Syndrome
Danay Trest – Advocate for those with Usher’s Syndrome.

 Danay Trest lives in Brandon, MS with her husband, Gil, and her four dogs – Layla, Bella, Heidi, and Sadie. She enjoys gardening and walking on the beach. A retired business administrator, she  was dedicated to serving others with her skills in the Emergency Department  at the University of MS Medical Center, Jackson, Mississippi for 13 years. She is also  a breast cancer survivor. Danay continues to be challenged by Usher’s Syndrome, the leading cause of deaf / blindness in the world. She  wants the world to know what USH is. She says, “I’m challenged daily from sun up till sun down. To date, there is no cure. Going deaf/blind ain’t easy!”

You have just read “Friday Friends: Spotlight on Danay Trest” by Danay Trest and Amy L. Bovaird. Copyright May 1, 2015. Please share Danay’s personal breakthrough video to raise awareness of the challenges of Usher’s Syndrome. And, oh yes, please leave a comment! Thanks!

Friday Friends: Spotlight on Danay Trest
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