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Anthony Parker
: Host of Third Eye Visions Podcast (YouTube).

For my October Friday Friends column, I am thrilled to introduce Anthony Parker to my readers. He is a podcaster, You-Tuber and dialogue-oriented with a DJ-type of persona. He wants to get to the heart of topics that impact individuals who are blind. In his podcasts, he skillfully directs the conversation, not shying away from sensitive subject matter. At the same time, he has his own parameters and keeps to them.

I admire his willingness to help others share their stories.

Let get down to business. Here are my questions to him:

photograph of Anthony ParkerWhat is your background?

My background is African American. I am a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, a prestigious black fraternity at Louisiana State University (LSU). This fraternity focuses on both academics and service. Its motto is “Not all great men are Alphas but all Alphas are great men.”

I enjoyed working for myself as an entrepreneur in the music industry. Lastly, I am on a mission to show that blindness is something that with great determination and tenacity, you can overcome.

Can you share a little about your interests?

As I have aged, I pursue fewer interests and hobbies. However, I enjoy time with friends, family, sports, listening to old movies starring black people, geographical films, etc.

What are your core values?

I treat others the way I want to be treated, respect my elders, teach my children to respect others, be sure of myself and try to help those when you can.

What type of work do you do?

I work as a team leader at the Louisiana Lighthouse for the Blind.

Tell us about your podcast and YouTube channel.

My YouTube podcast: 3rd Eye Visions is a channel which bridges the gap between the blind and the sighted communities. It’s also used to bring awareness to blindness at the same time. It began about three years ago. I created my channel because I believed whatever situations I encountered as a blind person, others who are blind have also encountered the same. I wanted to bring attention to these experiences as well as create a platform in which blind people could utilize and share their stories on, and where sighted people could ask questions. I also wanted to break stereotypes about the blind.

The way I approach my interviews: I basically come up with a topic and formulate everything around that.

What is the most challenging part of your YouTube journey?

The most challenging part of it has been keeping up with the many interviews and doing a lot of work myself. But I enjoy it!

How have your other jobs contributed to your YouTube journey?

They have contributed to them in this manner: Working around blind people has given me content and helped me learn more about the life journeys of other blind people. I have also been able to learn more of sighted people’s perspectives about the visually impaired, and bring them on the show.

How has Covid-19 changed your YouTube journey?

Actually, Covid hasn’t changed anything for me on my YouTube channel. If anything, it has allowed me to gather more content.

What’s the one thing you miss during lockdown?

I miss that ability to share times with my family without any restrictions.

What’s your favorite getaway? Any particular reason?

My favorite getaway is going on long drives with music playing. This creates a sense of peace and relaxation.

What has been your greatest challenge to date?

My greatest challenge today has been to find the right job.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

I feel the proudest achievement has been the birth of my son, the chance I had to spend with my father, graduating from Louisiana State University (LSU), being able to do my own music professionally, and becoming an independent blind person.

How do you stay positive?

I meditate and pray.

What are your goals by the end of 2020?

They include advancing my YouTube channel and getting the job of my desire.

What message would you like to leave with my readers?

You need to stay focused. You only get one chance at life.


My name is Anthony Parker. I’m a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’m totally blind but haven’t allowed that to define me. I am a human being first. I am a man of great character and I’m always trying to reinvent myself whenever necessary. I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I am the middle sibling of two brothers and sister.

Check out the promotional clip of Anthony’s 3rd Eye Visions YouTube channel.

As Blindness Awareness Month draws to a close, here is your opportunity to learn a little bit more! You can ask Anthony such questions as how he learned the software he needs to produce his show, or what he considers “the right job.” I’m curious as to what societal challenges, if any, he faced by choosing Criminal Justice as his major.

What questions do you have for my guest this month?

To connect with Anthony, click on the following link:

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