Post Title: For Blindness Awareness Month: A Pampered Chef Party!

An Opportunity for Awareness

Every year since October 2009, those with sight loss have celebrated  Blindness Awareness Month.

Every year I look forward to reaching out to my readers and spreading awareness of the challenges of sight loss, talking about ways to prevent it and extend the life of one’s vision through pre-emptive practices. Blindness Awareness Month includes World Sight Day, White Cane Safety Day (October 15) and a host of other days to bring awareness and a change in attitudes.

It’s a time to build up the morale of other vision-impaired colleagues, their children, and instill hope and understanding along their journeys. It’s a time to give back. We are all on a continuum and our journeys have similarities and differences. When a loved one is coping with sight loss—a child, a spouse, an elderly member of the family, it can displace us—but with open communication and the rise of more technology, there is so much hope to be found.

Personal Celebration

It’s also a time of personal celebration, of realizing I have grown in my acceptance of myself. As most of my readers know, for years I kept silent in relation to my own limited eyesight. I feared if people knew, my career would change and my life would stop. I couldn’t bear it. But now I understand individuals can live with a disability, do thing both visually and non-visually.

Blindness Awareness Month creates a path for empathy—not pity. Those with sight loss do not live a life of deprivation. We live life. We celebrate our accomplishments. We are versatile strong individuals with determination. We learn to reach our goals in a different way. We ask others in the community to raise the bar with us—not limit your expectations of what we can achieve.

This is BIG. Huge. Learn. Empathize. And Accept. That’s what we ask. Welcome us into your midst. Don’t be afraid to form friendships with a blind person.


Every year I reach out in different ways to the public. I meet new people in my sight support groups and learn what they are doing to make a difference in the perceptions of others. How are they changing the way people are perceived with sight loss? How are they establishing themselves as an agent of change.

This year I met Trish Laube—an amazing young woman who, in whatever way she can, strives to help anyone who reaches out in our sight support groups. She educates those with sight loss, sharing empowering resources, i.e. apps, such as Be My Eyes or The Free WayAround that will help those who have low vision get around their sight issues. She encourages with a live-cheerful, can-do attitude. Trish also takes it on herself to collaborate with heads of businesses to make their products more accessible and blind-friendly. She is on a mission for change.

Trish reached out to me—as one advocate to another—and challenged me to have a Pampered Chef party. We both love cooking and have found similar passions in baking. Although initially hesitant to host a party, she shared how this company is making a difference for others who are vision-impaired. I was in!

Trish has long believed every kitchen should have both Tupperware and Pampered Chef products. While she has always relied on them through the years, she realizes even more so now as she loses more vision, the various ways they help someone with low vision adapt to managing household kitchen tasks. “As a vision-impaired consumer, I’m even more appreciative of them now,” she stated.

She had a recent conversation with a fellow member of her sight support group and discussed a cooking product resource of Tupperware in preparing ground beef. “I mentioned Tupperware’s microwave stack cooker–three pans which helped me prepare the ground beef when I was struggling.”  By using this method, the woman in the group could accomplish her task. It was an emotional moment for her, complete with tears!

Sharing resources helps Trish see the bigger picture and become even more determined to liaison between those seeking solutions to everyday tasks and those companies that can provide the products to make the tasks simpler.

Likewise, Trish Laube has bought and used Pampered Chef products for more than twenty years.  But it wasn’t until this past August that Trish deepened her bond and became a consultant for the company–again, through seeing the difference this product makes to the lives of those struggling with sight loss.

That set Trish on a goal of working with the designers of Pampered Chef products to make them more blind-friendly. She sees herself as a trailblazer and races to accomplish her goals while she still has a tiny bit of vision herself.

Audible / Talkables

She is passionate about her role in using audible devices to make life easier and accommodate those with sight loss.

For example, she wants to get more small appliance “talkables” available—such as an audible cooking blender–so that people who literally have “erasure pencil-sized vision” or no vision at all can operate it and other appliances. In reference to the blender, she says, “You don’t even have to cut up the fruits or vegetables. You don’t even have to cut up the sweet potatoes. Nothing. It cooks it, blends it, chops it and cleans the blender and everything—which is perfect for someone with no vision.”

To support herself and further her goals, Trish became a Pampered Chef consultant and reaches out to everyone who loves to cook or entertain but most especially to her vision-impaired colleagues to empower them.

Trish, with a pencil-hole vision in her left eye, and no sight in her right—has chosen to be a party consultant to support herself, encourage others and become an agent of change.

“Working with Pampered Chef opens up opportunities to help so many in several says as well as hope to help create & bring awareness to more products for people with disabilities.”

Strength of Character

As I became better acquainted with Trish, I learned she not only champions those with sight loss, she has undergone other struggles, which might deter others. But she pushes through and fights to move forward. Consequently, she has earned the apt nickname, “Tenacious Trish.” You can read about her struggle with Lyme Disease here. Whether her energy is directed toward helping herself, family members, or others with sight loss or any kind of disability, Trish moves like a hurricane in action. For her, life is all about blowing the wind off attitudes that leave you dependent and feeling futile. It’s been refreshing.

Amy’s Pampered Chef Party

This year, my outreach includes having my first Pampered Chef Party. I hope you’ll consider making an order and helping Trish and I move forward in our goals of supporting Pampered Chef and making it more accessible at the same time. CLICK HERE to place an Order!

A Giveaway!!

Trish and I have been working together to sweeten the pot. She has made it possible to give away these delicious Pampered Chef mixes!








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Have you ever heard of Pampered Chef? (I had not before meeting Trish Laube!). What is your favorite product or food?

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