My Mother’s Day posting happens to fall on the day after.  This  story actually took place on Mother’s Day 2006 in the United Arab Emirates but I remember this life-changing day every May with gratitude. For years I grieved the loss of my twins. But on this one particular Mother’s Day,  God revealed something very special to change the way I looked at my loss …

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“Even though you do not see Him now, you believe in Him and are filled with an expressible and glorious joy.” 1 Peter 1:8 (NIV).

I regularly took long walks along the Corniche road along the Arabian Gulf.  On one walk I realized that another Mother’s Day had arrived.

After the shock of losing one twin at five months, I was thrust into an alarming drama – hospitalized in the hopes of saving the second twin. A month later, the obstetrician yanked a teacup from my hand, “If we don’t deliver this baby now, you will both die.” With that, he delivered baby Noor. Eight days later, she died. It was Mother’s Day. I never had a chance to be a mom.

I came across some road construction as I walked.  Through the six years of trying to adjust to life without my twin daughters, I often felt just like the road- ripped up and gutted. Bulldozers gouged, carried and dumped sand from place to place to rebuild. Similarly, I’d shifted sadness wherever I went as I tried to reconstruct my life.

That day along the Corniche, God lifted my eyes and showed me progress along the road – and also in my life. Then, I grasped how my own heart’s sandy soil had been replaced by faith.

I picked up a pale-blue piece of coral and saw a distinct beauty in it.  I suddenly felt as if God had condensed the years of emotional pain I’d carried into this well-defined, knobby figure: the toil of recovery.

A glorious joy washed over me as I realized how God had opened my eyes to acceptance, six years to the day of my baby’s death.

My friends,  trust God to bring healing to your life in astounding ways.

Faith Walks You Through to Joyful Discovery
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