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In March, I released Hitting a Home Run: Blind and Thriving (fondly referred to as HH). It is the story of being diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a hereditary eye condition that typically leads to blindness or near blindness, almost a pre-quel to my other memoirs I have published that focus on coming to terms with sight loss and using a white cane.

I gifted a copy to you, my wonderful, loyal tribe, to celebrate our unique and loyal relationship. I celebrate your unwavering support of my writing! THANK you for your very thoughtful and positive feedback! 

If you missed it the first time, you can get your FREE copy by CLICKING HERE.

In just a few days that eBook will come out in AUDIO format! Yes, so many of you asked me to bring it out as an audiobook, so I did! It will be available on, and iTunes. So stay tuned for that announcement.


Meanwhile, I was working on another short eBook that focused on how God surprised me one Valentine’s Day. It was a pivotal year in my life, as I had just turned fifty. That true-life story can be found in A Time to Dance: Finding Joy After Child Loss.

What initial readers are saying:

“I just finished reading it! What a beautifully recorded memory and testimony of God’s love for us.”

“You have the gift of sharing your pain and bringing emotion to life in a way that encourages others.”

“Beautiful! Your writing, story-teller gift, message all come together in a rave with this story. Keep dancing, sister!!”

I’m so very grateful to you for your continued support of my life’s journey and for your ENTHUSIASM in reading my blog posts and memoirs.

I couldn’t wait to GIFT a copy of this memoir to YOU as well!  

This is another first for me—the first time I have used full-sized illustrations in a publication.

Janyce Brawn is my lovely and talented illustrator. She has years of experience and was so flexible and fun to collaborate with. Kudos to her!

I can’t wait to hear your feedback!!!!

The cover of A Time to Dance with sweet illustrations of two girls dancing.

To download your copy of this eBook, just click on the cover graphic above.

I love the color, the illustration and the whimsical heart at the top and bottom. Rebecca Reidmiller designed the cover for me. Thank you, Rebecca!



So far, my mobility series includes:
Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith
Cane Confessions; The Lighter Side to Mobility

The next in the series will be Second Sight: More Life Lessons in Mobility. The tentative date for completing the manuscript is the September 1, 2020. If all goes well, it will be released in October, which is International Blindness Awareness Month.


I love to write about my family. I admire them so much for all they stand for and have accomplished. So I am working on a NEW set of memoirs in THE TREE MAN SERIES.  The first will be: Don Bovaird: The Tree Man, The Tree Man’s Wife: The Love of Home, and The Tree Man’s Daughter: Breaking the Mold. These are the tentative titles I have given them. They focus on my dad’s life, my mother’s life and my sister’s, all who have passed away.

I am also working on another sequel to my FAITH FINDING JOY series. It will be called Tea Parties and Water Parks: Finding Joy in Family. This book celebrates extended family. There will be 45 meditations on the blessings of what God has taught me through scripture and the relationship with my nieces and great nieces and one great nephew. I’m excited to share these testaments to faith and family!


I am also finally fleshing out some of my travels. This will begin the TRAVEL Series. As an introduction, I am creating a memoir of the highlights of my experiences around the world. It is called Travel from A to Z. It will highlight culture, people, places and experiences.

I am also writing about my experiences in individual countries. One memoir has long been on my heart. It is called Falling for Ecuador: One Foot on the Equator and One on a Vine. I will be writing about Colombia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Japan, Egypt, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates as well. This will be in my FADING LIGHT SERIES.

I’m so excited about my sharing all the places God has allowed me to see and the experiences I have had in spite of my sight loss. He gave me GREAT VISION in pursuing my travel dreams.

As a side note, I am thrilled to learn my niece has caught “the travel bug” and is determined to experience new places and people with her family of five with as much enthusiasm as I did earlier. Always game for new experiences, she  has taken on travel with her mother’s THRIFT. I found it affordable by living overseas. She, on the other hand, has researched and come up with a number of safe and novel ways to travel inexpensively. One day I will feature her on a blog post and she will share her methods with you all.

Happy June!! Don’t forget to leave this post without downloading your FREE COPY of A TIME TO DANCE: FINDING JOY AFTER CHILD LOSS.   After you read my story, I would greatly appreciate your feedback!

Which series are you most looking forward to reading? Share in the Comments below.

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5 Stars “…I’m not vision impaired. I don’t read non-fiction for enjoyment. I am not what some might consider the target market for this book, but I can tell you that I would recommend it to my own teenagers, my husband, my teenage students, and anyone else I know as a book of bravery, encouragement, motivation, testimony, and just as a pleasure read. Don’t pass it by: You will be blessed.”–An Amazon Reader

–An Amazon Reader

5 Stars   “Living in the Power instead of the fear!”

Mobility Matters elegantly shares Amy Bovaird’s emotions and experience which anyone going through vision loss can identify with. The transformation as she overcomes her fear and the enemies voices that her loss of vision will now define who she is as a person and dictate the rest of her life, will inspire hope to each reader. Amy’s journey stepping out in faith and how the Lord’s Word gave her the strength to keep going, is a must read.

This book is not only for those going through the hallway of vision loss, but for each family member or any one who loves someone losing their vision would also benefit by reading.

Mobility Matters Stepping out in Faith has left me thinking I will now call canes power sticks!!!

Michael Benson, Founder
Visual Experience Foundation

Michael Benson, Founder, Visual Experience Foundation

4 Stars  “…As a mobility specialist myself, I found this book of great interest to me for its subject matter. I was quite amazed that Amy could get around on her own with her genetic condition, particularly at night, since individuals with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) tend to lose their night vision and are using a cane at night much sooner than Amy was using any assistive device (even a bright light). Amy maintained her positive attitude, her faith and her sense of humour. If only we all could do that in times of crisis!” –Kathryn Svendsen, Mobility Specialist, Canada

–Kathryn Svendsen

5 Stars  “Couldn’t stop reading until I finished. Very inspirational. Will definitely be looking for more by this author!” –Sharon Hannah

–Sharon Hannah

5 stars “…This book really inspired me. Amy’s outlook on life is what I would like to model in my own. Yes, going blind SUCKS but she took it to another level. She made it into an adventure and I needed to be reminded of that again. Her positive outlook on this all has really encouraged me in my current situation now. Taking the step of faith to move on forward and embrace life for what it is. I highly recommend purchasing this book! Be inspired, take a journey behind the life of someone with Usher, smile, laugh, and enjoy! –Andi Nicole

–Andi Nicole

5 Stars “As a person who lives with chronic illness, I sometimes get bogged down with books on illness that feel really heavy. This one does not. Author Amy Bovaird, who is losing her sight, writes so well about her personal experiences, I feel like I’m walking alongside her as I read. I kept coming back to the story to see what happened–was she going to let fear stop her? Would she overcome?
The lessons Amy learns through her experiences apply to any of us who fear aging, illness, new symptoms, or really anyone who needs some inspiration, and that reminder that much can be accomplished if you step out and forward–even when you cannot see beyond that first step. I definitely enjoyed this book. –Kimberly Rae, Bestselling Author of the Stolen Series

–Kimberly Rae, Your Content Goes Here

Blog post review by Gillian Davis, RP Tunnel of Sight
One of the best books I have ever read about mobility and white cane use is called Mobility Matters: Stepping out in Faith by Amy Bovard. It is funny, poignant and packs a lot of tips and useful information. You can find it by following the link below to Amy’s web page and listen to a chapter before you buy, it is wonderful.

Gillian Davis, RP Tunnel of Sight

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