This is another excerpt from my Work In Progress, Gratitude in Overcoming Obstacles: Faith Pushes You Through due to come out later this year. The devotional, “Like Water in The Desert” comes from my second section: Coping With Divorce.



“In my distress I called to the LORD, and he answered me.”
–Jonah 2:2, NIV


     A handful of worshippers—some dressed in western attire, others in flowing Indian saris, and a few clothed in bright African prints—sang hymns of praise as we braced against the wind. Near a rocky beach shore, the sun would soon rise. It was Easter, a year after my divorce.

My mind wandered from the song lyrics to the nearby water.  Why am I living in the Gulf when I’m no longer married to the one who brought me here?

My days felt as barren as the desert landscape I viewed along my route to work. Lord, refresh my spirit. Deepen my faith.

The pastor’s wife poured me a glass of hot, sweet tea. As I sipped it, a young Indian woman approached. “Amy, do you need someone part-time to help you cook and clean?”

“What? No, there’s just me. I don’t need any help.”

Rosy smiled. “Okay, I’ll wait a little to see if you change your mind.”

When I told Bettie about Rosy’s request, she shrugged. “Maybe it would help you both out.” She had a way of planting seeds without being pushy. “Rosy loves animals.” I had a dog to feed and a penchant for taking in every stray cat in the neighborhood. Coping with the aftermath of my divorce drained my energy. I did need some help.

Bettie had a way of planting seeds without being pushy. 

Rosy made short work of my disorganized and neglected rooms. The aroma of simmering lentils, coconut curries, buttered naan and paratha (Indian breads) greeted me when I arrived home from work. My four-footed menagerie waited on the other side of the door for boiled rice and fish. Rosy served up everything with a smile and a caring heart.

To find out more of what happened, and the way God used Rosy in my life, you’ll have to wait for my book Gratitude in Overcoming Obstacles:Faith Pushes You Through. 

How has God used others to encourage you in your Christian walk? Share in the Comments below. 

You have just read, “Excerpt from “Like Water in the Desert,” Copyright September 29, 2017.  All rights reserved by Amy L. Bovaird. 

Excerpt Like Water in the Desert
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