Post Title: Every Day Miracles Podcast with Julie Hedenborg

Discovering the Every Day Miracles Podcast

When I ran across Julie Hedenborg’s Every Day Miracles Podcast in one of my groups, it sparked my interest. I could testify to my own every day miracles I experienced halfway across the world in the United Arab Emirates in 1999. In the midst of the many trials I went through during my twin pregnancy that ended in the loss of both my babies, God sustained me with his own blessings. For every emergency or challenge I faced, he also provided a release valve, or something positive. In some instances, I could not find any logical explanation for what he did, other than “a miracle.”

I wrote to Julie and asked to be on her podcast. I briefly explained the context of the miracles God sent me through the six-week trauma and for years in the aftermath.

A couple of days later, she responded. Julie accepted my pitch and said she’d be delighted to interview me!

We emailed back and forth and established an easy friendship. We both knew God had brought our paths together as a vehicle to encourage others who had struggled not only with pregnancy loss but also loss, in general.

She had many stories of how God had sent just the right people her way. In fact, she had experienced her own miracles, which prompted her to start the podcast. (Spoiler alert: Julie will be featured in my July Friday Friends column).

My Focus

My stories and God’s miracles attested to this verse: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you or forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6)

In one situation, God gave me supernatural peace by revealing the meaning of our babies’ names together—something neither my husband nor I could have ever foreseen. The timing in which God shared this with me could not have been more apt. Alone in the silence of my hospital room, unable to grieve with my husband who had to do paperwork to bury our eight-day-old baby, I grappled with the loss. God tenderly let me wrap my arms around him and hold me by revealing those names. I can’t tell you what a change that brought over me!

I can think of at least three situations God sent me supernatural peace at pivotal moments that many would call “traumatic crossroads.”

Where to Watch

But enough talk, I’ll let you listen to our podcast for yourself. There are several platforms in which to find it—youtube, Stitcher, Apple, iheartradio, Spotify.

YouTube: Everyday Miracles Podcast – Finding Joy After Loss

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