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A panel of adults with low vision will share their experiences of living with loss at different times in their lives. Panelists will share how they coped with their diagnosis and adjusted to life with vision loss. Discussion topics include the steps panelists took to gain acceptance and learn to live independently again.

Presenters: Amy Bovaird, Audrey Demmitt, Beckie Horter

Presenter Titles: VisionAware Peer Advisors

Target Audience: Adults experiencing vision loss, family members and caregivers, professionals in the field of blindness and visual impairment

Lesson Plan Goal: To increase participants understanding of resources for people experiencing vision loss and their family/caregivers and provide professionals with insight about the impacts of vision loss on people across age ranges.

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will learn 3 psycho-social effects of vision loss across age groups

2. Participants will learn 3 ways vision loss affects daily living

3. Participants will be able to identify 3 tools to regain incremental independence.

3. Participants will learn 3-5 actions that people experiencing vision loss can take to cope with the psycho-social effects of vision loss.