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Colombia will always  be special because it offered my very first taste at living abroad.  The directora of el Colegio Panamericano, an English-medium private school,  took a chance on hiring this  greenhorn gringo teacher who had never even taught in the States before! This was a K-12 school  situated  in the city of Bucaramanga, in the northern department of Santander. Each classroom held just one grade back then.   The principal placed me in the elementary section where I taught language arts and English classes in jardín (nursery), kinder (kindergarten),  preparatório, (a grade between kindergarten and first grade)  all the way up to el quinto grado (fifth grade).  Smart decision, now that I’ve taught high school and see how difficult it really is! The  school employed a small handful of expatriate American teachers each year, which appealed to the parents who felt the addition of  native English speakers would enhance their kids’ educations and provide for a  better future.  Check back on this page, and you will see grand adventures unfold – both inside the country and to neighboring South and Central American countries during longer breaks.

¡Ojalá que disfrutes las historias y los cuentos!
I hope you enjoy the little tales and stories!

Enjoy this little slideshow about Bucaramanga!

Colombia 1984-86
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