Cane Confessions Chronicles a FULL Life With Retinitis Pigmentosa

But how do we achieve this? 

From Diagnosis to Real Life

There is nothing more terrifying than a diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentisa (RP for short) and a retinal specialist’s words “You will go blind. No one knows when but what we do know is that it WILL happen. So prepare yourself as best you can.” 

Experiencing the 5 Phases of Grief when Facing RP

Some people have an innate positive outlook and take it in stride, day by day. Most go through a period of grief, much like the five stages of grief similar to when someone passes away. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Just like no one knows exactly when it will happen because it’s different for everyone, so is the response. 

I stopped at Denial and hovered in that stage for about twenty years as my vision continually worsened. I rarely became angry because, really, I couldn’t change my situation. Instead I went through frequent periods of embarrassment. I attributed the predicaments I found myself in to “clumsiness.” (although I knew deep down it was more than that). I turned to humor, which helped me keep my situation in perspective. I continued following my goal of living and teaching overseas. 

Seeking Help

When I couldn’t deny the advancement of RP anymore, I sought the help I needed to continue to lead of life of independence with a white cane. Cane Confessions: The Lighter Side to Mobility contains a collection of the stories and lessons I learned living life “my way”. 

Cane Confessions A Memoir that Offers Encouragement – and Lots of it! 

This is what other readers say about Cane Confessions: 

Bargee writes, “Amy Bovaird’s anecdotes about how she learns to cope with her growing dependence on her cane without giving up her irrepressible spirit of adventure and fun are an inspiration.” 

What kinds of details will it contain? 

In Bargee’s words, ” I am not vision impaired, but I am very short sighted,
so I could relate to her stories about talking to lampposts and thinking rubbish bins
were dogs, and these honest admissions made me chuckle out loud.” 

For the full 5-star review, click here. 

Do you want encouragement? 

Suzi Taylor writes in her 5-star review, “Laughs and learning go together.”
She believes,  “a little bit of humor goes a long way toward conquering any setback.
Amy Bovaird shares hers in a wonderful way.” 

But who should read Cane Confessions?

Suzi Taylor states, “Recommended for those dealing with vision issues,
those who love [people going through vision loss], and everyone else!” 

Do you know someone with vision loss and want to better understand their struggles? 

Liza K feels “enlightened” after reading Cane Confessions. In her 5-star review,
she states, “Everything I have read from this Author has been very descriptive
I can feel like I’m in the story. Her series of books keeps you wanting more.” 

But can we really pursue our dreams? Or is that just a platitude? 

JW writes, “Having a professional career, [having] lived in different countries and travelled extensively, the diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentos must have been devastating for Amy. She, however, tackles each and every difficulty with a positive attitude and the ability to laugh at herself. The embarrassing situations she finds herself in she deals with so beautifully and graciously, not letting it deter her from enjoying her life.”

Yes, we can!! (If we want it badly enough).

For JW’s full review, click here. 

What do others with RP think of Cane Confessions? 

Patty praises Cane Confessions for its honesty (and humorous struggles) 
“It’s a great read for folks with RP and for those that wonder what it’s like to have it. ” 

For her full review, read here. 

Why should someone with RP want to read it? Isn’t having an eye disorder bad enough?

One of the major draws of Cane Confessions, in my opinion, is what this Amazon customer asserts with no hesitation:

“I would recommend this book to others
experiencing vision loss and going through this process –
you will feel like you have a friend.”

Yes, friendship and empathy are so needed in our walk!

For me, this is my biggest accomplishment. For most of my life, I felt alone. I didn’t know anyone who had RP for two decades. A friend is what is so needed! And with today’s social media, we can share these resources and help each other cope, even in the form of a memoir!  

Cane Confessions is available in several different formats: 

Regular Print
Large Print
Audio (via, Amazon or iTunes)
5-CD Audio pack
Personalized Copy (signed)

Order your copy today! 




Cane Confession Chronicles a FULL life with RP
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