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Life in the United Arab Emirates brings many ups and downs.  Amy, an American, married to an Arab, is pregnant with twins.  But during her twenty-week check-up, Amy learns she has lost one of her precious babies.  Suddenly she is hospitalized with pre-eclampsia and fighting for her and her second twin’s life.

She learns the fate of that baby while she is alone – more loss.  Just as life settles down, her beloved father is diagnosed with two stage-four cancers.  Will she make it home in time to see her father one last time?  How does Amy cope with these fears and devastating losses in the United Arab Emirates?

This memoir, written in devotional format, testifies to a loving Father who never once abandons His daughter to cope alone in a foreign country.  Seeking Solace centers on relationships and the complex and often messy emotions that accompany the many facets of loss.  Discover truth, gratitude, and a growing awareness of God’s presence.  Then wrap yourself in the solace of God’s reassuring comfort.


What people are saying about Amy’s book:

“I smiled and cried with Amy in the book. Thankful she shared her life and all the scriptures. It was so uplifting. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.” –Patricia Derby

“What a wonderful book. I finished it already. I can relate to everything that happened to Amy in this book because these things happened to me as well. I love the inspiring quotes and Bible verses. Thank you, Amy, for writing such a wonderful book. It’s something I can go back to when I feel down.” – Flo V. Walsh (via iTunes).

“Amy Bovaird takes you on a journey that touches your heart and exemplifies the human spirit’s desire to connect and find meaning. I highly recommend her work.” – Amanda M. Phelps

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