Blind Love: A Short Film
Testing the Strength of Love  

Young love is so romantic and it seems as if everything will go smoothly for the rest of a couple’s life.  But then the times of challenge come along and test what strength that love has been built on.

I first saw this video floating around my support group.

I watched it a few times and the more times I watched it, the more I could relate to the emotions –the big near miss  near the beginning of the clip. The sudden realization that my life was changing forever.

Pushing people away who loved me and wanted me to know that love wasn’t dependent on anything I did or had.

I could intensely relate to the anger and the struggle for independence and self-reliance.

The awkward transition to a cane.

The self-imposed loneliness.

I’m glad this video shows what it’s like losing vision  and not having lost vision. I want you to witness  the struggle. Rather, catch a glimpse of it. 

 I love the message this story brings and I think you will, too! 

Image courtesy of Morguefile Free Photography
Image courtesy of Morguefile Free Photography


See the Video Clip. 

What elements in this video did you find surprising, touching or unexpected? Was there anything difficult to watch? Which partner could you relate to more closely? Share your thoughts in the Comments below. 

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Blind Devotion: A Short Film
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