I loooove basking in the sunshine…the kind of sunshine where people actually crave the rain!

I love basking in the sunshine, could totally live forever in a tropical country if it weren’t for my family here. At one time, I savored the heady sunshine in Latin America and later in the Middle East. Now that kind of sunshine … where people crave the rain, now that’s where it’s at!

Today in northwest Pennsylvania, we are experiencing our third day of Indian summer–beautiful warm and crisp days in which the leaves start to change colors. Magnificent!

I’m munching on a couple of newly-discovered Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, my mother scored and saved for me after she cleaned out the freezer this morning. As I sit at my computer keyboard, I can feel the soft breath of my dog, Buddy, on my legs and hear the neighbors across the side street hammering. They’re repairing their barn, I think. My windows are wide open and not only are those sounds coming through, but also those of children riding their bikes and the occasional tire squeal as a car drives by. Buddy pants, and I wish we could take our fall walks as we used to, before he developed heart problems and mobility issues. Life can be difficult.

But with today’s rays of sunshine flooding through my windows along with a slight breeze, life feels more manageable. Well, more than that. It feels…yes, UPBEAT!

But with today’s rays of sunshine flooding through my windows along with a slight breeze, life feels more manageable. Well, more than that. It feels…yes, UPBEAT!

That might be because my brother and I drove to the bank. Before doing my banking, I showed my favorite teller my book proof (as “proof” I’m soon to be a published author), drank the free apple cider and bit into a freshly-baked M & M cookie set out there. It might be because when we drove down Main Street, we saw a radio station at the Lakeside Car Dealership–more free giveaways if the spinner landed on the right square. The radio DJ spun and yes, I WON! I took the $5 gift card for Subway and gave it to my brother.

Or maybe I’m feeling upbeat because when I arrived home, I found I’d been nominated for two awards by a fellow blogger, Elly Stornebrink [].

I think “nominated” here might mean “awarded.” I’ve never received a blogging award before. I need my sun shades because I’m basking in the bright sunlight of recognition!

I’m not sure why but one of the conditions for accepting this award is writing 17  facts about myself.  For these facts, I’m going to go waaaay back!

1. In 2nd grade, I carried notes back and forth and placed them in the pockets of my best friend and her first “boyfriend” in the cloakroom after recess, like a carrier pigeon.

2. I loved going to school and especially reading class!  I learned to read by using the IPA (international phonetic alphabet).

3. As a 5th grader, I dressed up in costume and read books to younger elementary school kids along with a few others in my English class.

4.  I was a Little League cheerleader. With my vision loss (then undiagnosed) you can guess how ill-timed and uncoordinated my moves were.  🙂

5. In the 70s, I had a pen pal called Gloria Krazy Kat (a Native American) and also wrote for years to my cousin, Berni. We were prolific letter writers.

6. Back around that time I collected POW stickers and bracelets and prayed for the names on them.

In the 70s I became more politically aware.

7. In line for recess one year, the teacher told me that I needed a muzzle for my mouth!

8. In 8th grade, I had a poem published in the high school newspaper. I thought I was the cat’s meow!

9. In the summer before 9th grade, my mother’s cousin invited me to travel to California for three weeks! That was a big deal back then! I was the only one in my family to travel there on that holiday.

10. I loved going to Camp Hawthorne (Girl Scout Camp), making s’mores, weaving necklaces from gum wrappers and lanyards from re-purposed telephone wires!

11. Summers throughout high school, I worked in my father’s tree business. While raking leaves with the handle of the rake as my mic, I imagined myself in commercials promoting various shampoos and had the script written out in my head!

12. I was on the bowling team and though, generally, I was a really poor bowler, one day I beat the coach!

13. I was co-editor of our high school newspaper, which was not successful. The other editor swore me to secrecy. Today I broke that promise!

14. My best friend and I attended every JV and high school basketball game in the season. She was crazy about basketball and I was crazy about a few of the players!

15.  In 12th grade, I dropped recess and took an independent study period. During that time, I wrote my first book called “I Think We Fell in Love Too Fast,” based on the lyrics of the Leo Sayre’s song of the same title.

16. I made National Honor Society and ranked in the top fifteenth percentile of my class.

17. After high school, I wanted to work in a book printing shop in Pittsburgh. Thank God I went to college instead!


I nominate  the following bloggers:

Rebecca Thesman, Maribel Steel and Aimee Gross


They each inspire me (and I’m sure, their other followers) by being authentic, encouraging, engaging and consistently striving to share their messages of hope. I’m so honored to know them!

l look forward to literally going out in the Indian summer sunshine tomorrow, and figuratively basking in the sunshine of the words of these  inspirational bloggers on their next post.

You can read their blogs at the following links:

Theme: Finding Hope When Life Unravels:
Theme: Mastering the Art of Blindness:
Theme: Finding the Light from Depression:
Love that Indian Summer sunshine!

You have just read “Basking in the Sunshine,” by Amy L. Bovaird, Copyright September 2014.  When and how do you see the sunlight in your life? Do you ignore it or pursue it? When was the last time you basked in the sunshine? (Literally or figuratively).


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Basking in the Sunshine
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4 thoughts on “Basking in the Sunshine

  • September 28, 2014 at 7:47 am

    I’m glad I made your day Amy by nominating you for the two awards: you SO deserve it. Your posts are uplifting, inspiring, and sometimes quite amusing. Keep on writing…oh, and I’m SO proud of you for writing a book: how exciting! It’s good to get to know you a bit better too…I love that you “…dressed up in costume and read books to younger elementary school kids…” as that would be something I would do AND would love to do! 😉 <3

  • September 28, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    Good morning, Elly,
    The book looks beautiful! It’s wonderful to feel the weight of it in my hands.
    There will also be a Large Print version coming out shortly!! (I can’t really read the regular print and not many other vision-impaired people would be able to read that size print either). When I either get support from a foundation or save enough revenue from my book sales, I would like to make an audio version of the book as well.
    Thanks so much!!

  • September 30, 2014 at 1:28 am

    Your blog is inspirational and heartfelt. It’s opening my eyes to the world you live in and shows me what an amazing person you are. Thank you for nominating for “THE INSPIRATIONAL BLOGGER AWARD” and the “THE SUNSHINE AWARD”. It means a lot to me.

  • September 30, 2014 at 3:24 am

    I am learning so much from your blog, too!

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