Audio Book Is Released

Drawing Announced!

New audiobook version released in time for RP Awareness Month

Readers had a strong, positive response to my paperback and Kindle formats of Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith. Soon they asked if I could make it available in Large Print. So I did. Others asked for an audio version, especially those who couldn’t see well enough to read anymore. I wanted to honor their request and asked God to guide me in accomplishing this goal. He brought me into contact with the Lions Club, and they have helped me make this possible.

My narrator and I  timed the release of my audiobook to coincide with Retinitis Pigmentosa Awareness Month, which comes in February, to bring more awareness of this disease that robs 1 in 4,000 of their vision.

Now I want to share my story. Whether you have vision loss, know someone who does, or just like a good story in overcoming the odds, this book is for YOU!

To enter the drawing for a FREE audio copy of Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith ($20 value): simply  answer the question at the end of my post by leaving a comment on my blog. 
Contest Duration: The drawing begins on Monday, February 1 and runs until 11:59 EST, Wednesday, February 3, 2016.

Click on the following link to find out more about what my audiobook is about. You can read about it and listen to the sample audio excerpt.

Now for the question:

What do you like best about the month of February this year? 

You have just read, “Audiobook Release!” by Amy L. Bovaird. Copyright February 1, 2016. Don’t forget that you need to enter a comment in order to be included in the drawing!

Audio Book Is Released
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10 thoughts on “Audio Book Is Released

  • February 1, 2016 at 8:47 pm

    Congratulations on your new release! That’s amazing!!!
    I love February because this month brings me something new each year!!

  • February 1, 2016 at 11:01 pm

    Thank you, Gena!
    I think it will bring me time to work on my current book, Cane Confessions!
    Looking forward to finishing it!

  • February 2, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    Congratulations, Amy – how exciting!

    My favorite things about February are it’s “our” month – hubby and me – his birthday is on the 9th, our anniversary is on the 11th (our 10th this year!), and of course, Valentine’s Day on the 14th.

  • February 2, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    Hey K. Lee,
    That sounds pretty exciting! Lots of great celebrations!
    You are now entered into the competition! I will be notifying the winner on Thursday morning via Faceboo.

  • February 2, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    Thanks so much, Nick!

  • February 3, 2016 at 3:27 am

    Congratulations! This is such exciting news. I’m looking forward to what God will do this month.

  • February 3, 2016 at 4:59 am

    Thank you, Barbara!
    I’ll be trying to bring awareness in various ways. God opened the door for me to publish the audiobook edition so that those who couldn’t see to read could also have my book. Much credit goes to the Lions Clubs of PA, who contributed to it.
    It’s a big week! Thanks for your comment and have a great evening!

  • March 2, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    This is such a big milestone for you.
    Glad I could track your progress with this book from tie beginning almost.
    I am seriously getting down to it, now that it is March, and plan to devote my weekdays to working on writing the memoir I’ve always wanted to write, saving blogging for weekends only. I just want to put my money where my mouth has always been, finally, to see if I can do it.
    February was a busy month for me, and I’d been experimenting by blogging every single day since the new year began, and then there were multiple birthdays in my family, including my own. I had a goal to start to learn to play violin for my thirty-second birthday so I’ve been getting myself acquainted with the instrument.
    I am curious, as one who would like to write and book, like you’ve done, and dream of it being turned into an audiobook one day. I am always interested on how the expenses with just such a project are sorted out, as that part has intimidated me greatly. Glad you’ve had help and support from Lion’s Club. They are great.
    March is the month of World Kidney Day and I think that is a sign that I am meant to start writing about how the experience of kidney disease in my family has affected my life.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your newest book in the works, when you are ready to announce it.

  • March 2, 2016 at 8:56 pm

    Dear Kerry,
    Yes, it’s a huge milestone for me and I’m so excited to see hooudwa people respond to the audio version. So far, I’ve had favorable reviews!!
    I am thrilled that you have decided to write your memoir! Yes, I absolutely agree with you, this is THE month to do it!
    Looking forward to hearing about your progress!
    I’m really grateful you’ve been with me from the start. You’ve been such an encouragement! It’sllowi challenging to write in a vacuum but when you know someone is cheering you on and following you, it makes a big difference.
    Thanks again,

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