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“My precious little girl, Sharon is the inspiration for many of my children’s stories.”

Author Ann Harrison Barnes

Who I Am

Inspiration for many of Ann’s stories

My name is Ann Harrison-Barnes. I am a blind author whose blog posts, published books and stories come straight from my heart. I am the proud mother of a precious little girl named Sharon. She is the inspiration for many of my stories, especially the ones that feature children as characters in them.

Music is a Great Source of Inspiration

I have found music to be a great source of healing throughout a rough and painful time in my new life. For the past seven years as a writer, I have found, and still find, music as a source of inspiration. In many of the various blog posts on my site, I have written essays about music as it pertains to healing, everyday life, writing and much more, along with essays about winter, snow, and other reflections about my belief system.

Book Reviewer

I also review audio books and eBooks that have touched my heart, or affected me in a unique way. I will also review books for authors, in exchange of a review of my own books.

Interview My Characters

From time to time, I will also interview my characters and sneak in on character conversations about upcoming novels I’m working on, so you can learn more about them from behind the scenes.

A Word of Advice

Although my first book entitled Springville Murders; A Springville High Mystery, was unsuccessful, I learned a valuable lesson in publishing that novel. My advice to emerging authors, make sure that you edit and revise your work carefully, before you publish it. Do some research to make your fiction more realistic, and invest a bit of money to obtain an editor, or to hire the services of a publisher that offers editing services as part of their package. This will go a long way to honing your craft, and giving your readers what they want. Now that I have shared the advice that I have learned over the years, here are the links to my books and the publications, where my stories are featured.


My first story entitled “The Big Climb,” was featured in Awethology Light, one of two anthologies published by the #Awethors Awethology Light can be found as either a free download, or you can purchase it as a paperback at the following link: .

I have a little Christmas story entitled “The Woods,” featured in the December Awethology Light volume, which can be downloaded for free at the following links:

The final anthology that I am featured in thus far is called Gems of Strength, which features a story called “A Whirlwind of Memories.”

Purchase link:

Book Links

Stories Outside the Box

Stories Outside the Box is a small collection of stories that were inspired by writing prompts, a breakdown, and other aspects of life in general. Purchase Stories Outside the Box at the following links:


My newest novel entitled A Journey of Faith: A Stepping Stones Mystery is available in paperback, hard cover, and eBook.
Kindle Link:

Contact Information

Christian Fiction author /professional content writer
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Ann Hamilton Barnes
Ann Barnes’ recent release A Journey of Faith: A Stepping Stone Mystery


Ann Harrison-Barnes is a blind author whose blog posts, published books and stories come straight from her heart. She is married, and is the proud mother of a precious little girl named Sharon. Her daughter is the inspiration for many of her stories, especially the ones that feature children as characters. She, her husband and daughter make their home in Athens, Georgia

What kind of questions do you have for Ann and her writing? She is ready to answer them! 

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