Why Extend my Content?

Since sharing my story of child loss with the twins and my subsequent miscarriage, I’ve had many readers reach out to me and share their own child losses. I felt like God gave me A Time to Dance to meet the needs of these and other women struggling with child loss.

But I had others write to me of other deaths, who still grapple with their losses, and so I wanted to add more content to show my readers God does not discriminate to whom he ministers. Our heavenly Father divinely knows when we need encouragement and comfort. He often places people in our lives to comfort us in different ways. So this new content demonstrates this principle during grief, or even when the mere thought of grief crops up unexpectedly.

10 Tips to Move Forward

It’s so easy to get stuck in grief, even feel guilt for something we may or may not have done. We can even tell ourselves if only we had done xyz, our loved one might still be with us. Friends, I have been there. It’s a hard place to land in.

My desire is to move us forward to recapture the joy in our everyday lives and to include our memories in ways that are positive.

I share tips I observed my family use to move forward and those I implemented myself to breathe new energy into my days.

Excerpt from Second Sight

This true story had my family laughing hard, and my niece’s family even more so! I couldn’t resist including it in this volume. Elements of grief can feel so heavy,  so we always need moments of levity around us. I thought this story about me attempting to walk my niece’s enormous dog fit the bill! I hope you think so, too!

What People Are Saying About A Time to Dance …

“…a snippet from the author’s life, but it tells so much … well worth the read … I’m so glad I discovered this little gem.”

“… the story of a woman acquainted with pain but filled with joy nonetheless. I loved the illustrations and the simplicity of her story she shared.”

 “An uplifting book … full of family, love, loss, and abundant faith. Five stars.”

“…beautifully expressed and poignant. Bovaird has a way of turning loss into enlightenment.”

The following feedback made me grateful I’d followed God’s call to share this story.

“… I plan to share this with my daughter who also struggles from having a miscarriage a few months after her grandmother went home to be with the Lord.”

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