Post Title: A Low Vision Webinar and Promos

Choosing the Positive Path

Sometimes my readers or those at my speaking events say I am “inspirational.” But I’m really not, unless that refers to my attitude. I do have a positive, faith-filled spirit and I am an encourager at heart. But my real journey with low vision has been faulty. It was all mixed up in how I saw myself. Nevertheless, I have chosen to “go public” with it, share my imperfections, wins and losses, especially in the area of mobility with my white cane. On my blog, I wanted to share new insights when they came to me. In my books, I chose to share the biggest life lessons. Rereading those stories reflected my day-to-day journey in their inconsistencies. Sometimes I wanted to feel independent; others, I sought help. At times, I railed against people for not understanding what I needed. I do value these stories because people of the honesty and vulnerabilities I share.

Two Parallel Journeys

As I moved forward in my writing journey, my life took an interesting parallel journey. I met others like myself facing similar fears about losing their vision. Suddenly, I had a community in which to share my experiences. Little by little, my community (aka my ‘tribe’) grew. Though I had no real answers, I saw how hope, faith, humor, and encouragement could change my outlook and the perception of others toward those with sight loss. We became more approachable.

The Fork in the Road: VisionAware

When I joined VisionAware as a “peer advisor,”I met others with low vision, and also those with no vision. I learned how they dealt with their losses, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. By surrounding myself with those who had implemented different skill sets to adapt and pursue their goals and interests, I learned to adapt my own fragmented skills to live a fuller life. I now also had a better grip on how to answer questions that came to me.

Who Makes up VisionAware?

Being part of VisionAware combines different levels of expertise—peer advisors with varying degrees of sight loss and experiences, multi-level administrators, those who know social media well, and those who don’t. It includes an individual who is deafblind, some who read Braille and some who don’t. The range of experiences is phenomenal. Some of the peer advisors are sight rehab instructors while others have taught Orientation and Mobility. We all share and learn from each other. In our writing for VisionAware, we share tips and strategies we have developed to encourage others going through sight loss These tips have helped me to grow and problem-solve.

How We Meet

Our team of about twenty-five writers meets once a month to discuss upcoming topics and how each of us can tap into our experiences to contribute. We used to meet via conference call but now meet through Zoom. The conference call was harder for me to follow my peers. I couldn’t recognize the voices. But they had a program to help me. It created a running script for me to follow. This made a big difference to me. I could follow the conversations better and contribute without interrupting someone else. Zoom is even better. A box lights up and I can see who is speaking that way.

VisionAware is now housed on the APH (American Printing House for the Blind) website. Basically, we have two administrators, one from the VisionAware side, in which we submit our articles, and one from the APH side. The latter integrates our VisionAware ideas and topics into the APH website. As a team, we have decided to implement webinars as a way of reaching out to others. In this medium, we can streamline our experiences tailored to a specific audience.

Living with Low Vision: Insider Perspectives Webinar

When the topic for Living with Low Vision came up, I volunteered to speak on this issue. It is my first ever webinar! I’m so excited to pool my story and experiences with two others who live with low vision—Audrey Demmitt and Beckie Horter. We will talk about our experiences with rehab, O&M. and tips and hacks to make life easier. I started my sight journey being in denial for twenty years, and have moved to advocate in ten years’ time. This challenges me in a positive way.


When: February 18th from 2:00-3:30PM ET

This is the description of the webinar:

Living With Low Vision: Insider Perspectives


A panel of adults with low vision will share their experiences of living with loss at different times in their lives. Panelists will share how they coped with their diagnosis and adjusted to life with vision loss. Discussions topics include the steps panelists took to gain acceptance and learn to live independently again.


Another helpful Link from VisionAware: What is Low Vision?

One more thing:

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