It has been an eventful January coping with the culmination of my sister’s illness this week, so this cartoon really spoke to me.

I found they are excellent rules to live by.

1. Learn from Yesterday

Yesterday was the funeral service. When I listened to the touching testimonies of those who spoke, I learned what my sister had been spending her life doing–reaching out to others. I learned to keep my eyes open for opportunities to encourage others, and my vision isn’t instrumental in this outreach. It’s the preparation of my heart, right?

2. Live for today. 

Today is a beautiful day and we are given time to spend with family, friends, and even strangers. For me, it’s a good time to encourage my family and let them know that we are a unit and blessed to have each other.

We are all given gifts and talents to use so it’s up to us to use them. I seem to be really good at humor! It kind of goes along with vision impairment like rain and rubber boots. If you have one, you’ll need the other! I’m keeping my fingers flexed as I write more essays for my upcoming book, A Sight for Sore Eyes: The Lighter Side to Facing Vision Loss.  I’m pretty lucky that God gives me an awful lot to laugh about in my life.

3.  Look to tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is full of promise.  I’ll learn to put some of the principles my sister taught me into practice–like being thrifty until I can earn a steady income through my writing!  I have projects to follow up, speaking engagements to secure, and more writing goals to set. My writing’s getting out there. I just found out that three copies of Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith will be used as the text in a small group Bible Study for women. That was pretty exciting news! I was also asked to be a speaker at an author’s group. The topic will be: “How a Vision-Impaired Author writes.” I’m looking forward to sharing my strategies and a lot of additional information that I wrote down today.

On the home front, I’m looking forward to cleaning up my apartment, working on the technical side of my website and getting back to the routine of cooking dinner (something edible, I hope!). Sometimes it’s a challenge. (Soon, I’ll be posting my story, “5 Ways to Save the Stirfry!” and you’ll see exactly what I mean by “challenging.”).

4. Rest this Afternoon. 

Grief tires the soul. It depletes energy, something that I usually have a lot of. But these past few days I feel myself becoming run down. So, God gives us permission to step back and rest. (Although, if you ask my mother, she will say, ‘How can you sleep in a bed that’s not made?’). Sometimes if I haven’t made it, I get up in the middle of the night (irritating the cat that sleeps next to my pillow) and I make the bed.

A friend came to my house today and gave some pajamas she’d outgrown. Aha! Confirmation. I am to rest. So in the middle of this Sunday afternoon, I decided to rest my soul. The sofa in the living room seemed the perfect place. Plush cushions, warm fleece cover and brand new flannel jammies. Cold outside, warm inside.

And I closed my eyes.

A great place for a nap!
A great place for a nap!

There you have it. Four wonderful ground rules that help us keep our lives in balance.

Tonight because I’m missing my sister and cherishing my mother who loves this song, I’ll leave you with this video clip. I like the thunder and the rain because that’s kind of how I feel inside. But in the dark thunderclouds and in the midst of the rain, the comforting promise is there.une

I think I’ll wrap my heart around these words and rest.  Goodnight.

The two questions I have for you are: what kind of rules do you live by and what do you do when you feel depleted inside?


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4 Good Rules to Live By
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2 thoughts on “4 Good Rules to Live By

  • January 19, 2015 at 10:29 pm

    Hi Amy,

    These are four great rules to live by. Right now, I am going to apply the fourth one and take a snooze. LOL You said, “The two questions I have for you are: what kind of rules do you live by and what do you do when you feel depleted inside?” I try to filter everything through Scripture. Right now, I’m learning from a passage that the Apostle Paul wrote in Corinthians about reaching forward to those things which are ahead and leaving behind those things which are behind. When I feel depleted inside, I pull my blanket over my head, close my eyes, and let as many promises of Jesus that I can think of scroll through my mind.

  • January 20, 2015 at 2:15 am

    Hey Matt,
    That’s like my rules, the past is done with so we have to learn from it (because we can’t change it), we do what we can today and look to that which lies ahead of us. 🙂 Filtering it through scripture is good. My sister did a lot of that. Thanks for taking time to comment. You’re the only one who did with this post!

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