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Usher Syndrome Awareness Day

September 16, 2017

Usher Syndrome is the leading cause of Deaf Blindness Around the World. Since I, too, suffer from Usher Syndrome, I would like to draw awareness to this rare incurable disease along with my peers

Below you will find some links to help you learn more about it. 

What is Usher Syndrome? 

Are there more than one type of Usher Syndrome? Yes, there are 3 types as shown in the chart here. I believe I suffer from the third type.  

Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
Hearing Profound deafness in both ears from birth Moderate to severe hearing loss from birth Normal at birth; progressive loss in childhood or early teens
Vision Decreased night vision before age 10 Decreased night vision begins in late childhood or teens Varies in severity; night vision problems often begin in teens
function (balance)
Balance problems from birth Normal Normal to near-normal, chance of later problems

How is Usher syndrome diagnosed?

Where can I learn more about Usher Syndrome? 

  1. Usher Syndrome Coalition 
  2. Foundation for Fighting Blindness
  3. National Organization for Rare Diseases

Molly Watt suffers from Usher Syndrome: You can learn more about it in the short video clip. 

Usher Syndrome Awareness: Own the Equinox
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