Speaking Topics

1Overview of Usher Syndrome
Target Audience: Lions Club and Other Civic Groups
What is Usher Syndrome? Coping with Dual Losses (Vision and Hearing). Anecdotes and Life Strategies (20, 30-minute presentations)

2. My Journey with Vision Loss
Target Audience: Mainstream, Christian groups
Sharing my story of gradual vision loss and how I coped. Focuses on the stages of coming to terms with blindness.  Positive, humorous and honest anecdotes and insights.

3. But You Don’t Look Blind!
Target Audience: Schools (especially primary grades), learning about vision loss through music, educating about cane and cane safety. 30 minute periods. 

4. Being a Vision-Impaired Caregiver
Target Audience: Mainstream, Vision-impaired, Caregivers
Caring for a loved one within the perimeters of low vision. My focus is on  examples of everyday household and caregiving tasks. Insights, tips and strategies, that foster success, starting with a faith-based / positive perspective with emphasis on humor, faith, knowing when to to reach out for additional help and learning how to trust God.  

5. Dealing with Loss in Pregnancy
Target Audience: Women; Christian women, Women who have lost children during pregnancy
Losing a baby is devastating.  My presentation delves into the physical, emotional and marital challenges from conception to loss. Healing, encouraging scriptures highlighted with a focus on spiritual growth and recovery.

6. A Fuji-faith
Target Audience: General Church Groups, Ladies’ Retreats
Comparisons between developing faith and climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan. I provide my personal experiences from both journeys, primarily with vision and hearing loss.

7. The ‘Mission’ on the Mission Field
Target Audience:Ladies’ groups, Women’s Ministry
Focuses on life in the mission field, the challenges of staying focused on and committed to your mission—not travel, not culture, but God’s opportunities. It also features adapting) to food, culture, language and people—from my experience on the field. 

8. Interfaith, Intercultural Marriage
Target Audience: General Christians, Women’s Church Ministry groups
Addresses interfaith marriage, the challenges and fallacies as filtered through my own experiences. 

9. Culture-mania:
Target Audience: Schools at all levels,  Civic and Church groups.
Raises 5  stages of culture shock and includes a smorgasbord of cultural insights and anecdotes garnered over 25 years of teaching international students, living abroad and visiting more than 33 countries. Alternatively, I can speak about specific regions or individual countries for Social Studies units and homeschoolers.

10.  Memoir-Writing:
(Workshop) Target Audience: Mainstream Public, Schools, Senior Citizen groups, Churches
Highlights purpose, brainstorming techniques and hands-on writing. Follow-ups with possible series of talks. 

If you are interested in any of these topics, please leave a reply here, schedule a meeting through the calendar or Contact me for more specific information. I can adapt my topics to suit the needs of your group.   Speaking Fee: Starts at $50.00  If you are a nonprofit organization, I will be happy to discuss options with you.



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