Sharper Focus

Many people dream of seeing the world. Ask vision-challenged globetrotter Amy Bovaird, and she will settle for seeing it in a little sharper focus. Follow Amy--but not too closely--on adventures foreign and domestic as she recounts tales of trips and travel.

Mobility Matters

May Release!

After being diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, Pennsylvania native Amy Bovaird manages to continue to teach overseas until her father’s imminent passing brings her back home for good. Shifts in her home life and a quick career change disrupt Amy’s plans, but the hereditary eye disease also begins to manifest itself in ways she had not anticipated. Friends and acquaintances notice that she doesn’t recognize them. Insensitive students ridicule her in the classroom. Unwilling at first to accept that she is truly losing her vision, Amy eventually has to face reality when the Bureau of Blindness schedules a Mobility Specialist to visit her at home and begin training her to use a red-and-white folding cane–yes, the kind that alerts onlookers and screams, “I am a blind person.” How can such an independent world traveler ¬†suddenly admit that she needs a cane to find her way around? How can Amy continue her walk of faith when she can’t see the path ahead of her?

8 Responses to “Mobility Matters”

  • Smaranda Clintoc:

    My dear Amy,

    This is excellent news! I congratulate you for your faith and determination, for your courage and great heart. You are truly an admirable person and I have all the respect and admiration for you!
    I cannot wait to read your book!
    Love and hugs,

    • Amy:

      Thank you, Smaranda! I’ll let you know when it’s closer to coming out.
      Happy Easter to you, too!
      Love you, too!

  • Jim Dyet:

    Wonderful news, but I am not surprised to learn that such a gifted writer has authored a book. I am not surprised, Amy.

    • Amy:

      Thank you, Jim.
      High praise coming from you!
      Hope you are well with your own vision.
      Happy Easter!

  • This sounds like an exciting release. I would love to read it!

    • Amy:

      Thank you, Machelle!
      I think you will enjoy it. It’s pretty fast-paced.
      Stay tuned and I’ll post more when the release day is sooner.
      Thanks again,

  • Congratulations in advance on the expected release Amy! Sounds interesting…hope to read it :)

    • Amy:

      Hi Vinodini,
      Thank you so much! I’ll let you know when the date of the release arrives!

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