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Today seemed like a great day for some silly, lighthearted chuckles. Nothing that requires any work. I call this my “laughter-at-a-glance” humor.

Here are some cartoons that I rather liked. Hope you do, too! 

This one cracked me up!


And THIS one! How many times have I waved at trash cans from a distance! Or phone poles! :S


I know, I know…. Lame! But cartoons with homophones still make me laugh!


There is something to be said for sharing the same eyesight issues of your peers! 


Sometimes I just chuckle at literal humor, don’t you?



I also like this kind of humor!


And this is my favorite one!


When you want some lighthearted refreshment, what kind of reading do you do? What kinds of cartoons do you enjoy?

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Low Vision Humor & Refreshment

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